Farmer’s daughter makes Leap Year proposal with a Haribo ring

Wednesday, February 28th, 2024

When greens farm manager Steve met Steph whilst online dating with Muddy Matches in February 2019 he, in true farmer fashion, was straight to the point.

Steve square up told Steph that he ‘wouldn’t be in a relationship with him, because he loves his job so much and likes to be at work.’

“Steve said he only joined Muddy Matches for 3 months because he knew he’d be too busy to peruse a relationship later in the year,” she says.

As a farmer’s daughter, Steph knew exactly what she was letting herself in for in choosing to date a hardworking farmer, who works 12 hours a day, six ½ days a week.

She says the lack of lie-ins and 5am wake ups take some getting used to especially ‘at Christmas when they have brussel harvesters going 22 hours a day’, but the lifestyle is one she is familiar with.

“It works as it’s all normal to me. I knew what I was getting into,” she tells us. “I’m a farming widow most of the year. It’s just the way it works. I cope as I enjoy my own company.”

“Free veg is a bonus, but him remembering to bring any home is another matter.”

Mind you, it hasn’t stopped their connection from fully blooming either in their corner of the Lincolnshire countryside.

It took them just three months to move in together after connecting online whilst farmer dating.

Now they are getting married in 2024, after a leap year proposal where the lady of the farmhouse took the lead.

“I proposed after a year on February 29th, 2020” Steph adds. “We went away for the weekend and I proposed in our room, with a Haribo jelly ring. He promptly ate it”.

And in saying she ‘doesn’t want a reception, maybe just a meal afterwards’, Steph is very clear on what she wants for her big day too.

As for the honeymoon? Who knows.
Steve bucks the trend as a farmer with a passport who enjoys a holiday, and they both enjoy a beach walk with Coco, their chocolate cock, which bodes well. But Steph may take some convincing to venture further afield than their favourite beach spots in Hornsea and Mundsley.

 “I hate holidays! I’m a proper homebird. I’ve been Ill on every holiday we’ve been on. Steve says he’ll leave me at home next time and just take the dog!”