How Muddy are you!?

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How Muddy Are You!?

Mû´dd|ŷ adj.
Any person who loves the countryside and is not afraid of a bit of mud.

Are you muddy? Or are you more of a townie? Complete our quick quiz to receive your Muddy-Townie ratio and see how muddy you really are.

Question OneWhere would your ideal house be?
Question TwoWhat are the usual contents of your vacuum cleaner?
Question ThreeWhat items mostly take up your wardrobe?
Question FourYou accidentally run over a rabbit in your car. Do you:
Question FiveWhat's your normal route to work?
Question SixThe ideal holiday abroad would mean packing:
Question SevenWhen walking on the moors fog starts to come down and you are lost. Do you:
Question EightHow much time do you spend in a town?
Question NineIt’s Saturday morning and it’s a beautiful day, do you:
Question TenHow muddy are your wellies/walking boots?