Birth of baby Clive beefs up Imogen’s farmer love

Wednesday, December 02nd, 2020
Imogen and Hugh

Online dating with Muddy Matches brings farmer love, tractor riding dates, rekindled rural romance and little baby Clive

“I thought I might I go on a few fun dates but, to be completely honest, I didn’t think anything would really come of it. Little did I know joining Muddy Matches would be the best decision I ever made.”

The online dating profile of 80% muddy Imogen makes interesting reading. She’s quick to stress that she’s ‘not good at selling herself’ – letting her photos show off her country credentials – and the prospect of writing an appealing bio brings ‘sweaty palms’ – but by golly, she tells a good love story.

And what a story; of tractor rides, winning – and breaking – the heart of a meaty beef farmer, rekindled love and now a new-born named Clive.

The self-confessed ‘waffler’, originally from Coleford in Gloucestershire joined Muddy Matches in October 2018 and was soon exchanging messages with Hugh, a beef farmer from Herefordshire.

“I joined Muddy Matches because I was a townie who felt much more at home in the hills, at the beach and in the woods. She starts up, from a socially safe distance. “I wasn’t meeting like-minded people to share my love of the outdoors with.

“Ultimately, i wanted a real change of scenery and to start a new chapter in my life.”

That chapter of Imogen’s ever evolving page turner was to begin when she met her muddy match Hugh for walking date around his home town of Hereford.

“It wasn’t a very muddy first date for a beef farmer, but Hugh wanted to ease me into gradually to his way of life” Imogen tells us.

“We had various ‘traditional dates’ – weekends away, dinner at the pub, you know the classic stuff – and shared the usual relationship milestones like meeting family and friends and recognising that they’ll always love the dogs more than you”.

“But we also had some truly muddy dates like the tractors breaking down in the middle of nowhere, tending to cattle in the height of summer and the dark of winter, ploughing until 3am [no pun intended, may I add)”.

There was heady excitement and all the hallmarks of the warming comfort and reassurance a new romance brings.

However, the path of true love, like in most love stories, often never runs smoothly and especially where tractor wheels are involved. That proved to be the case with Imogen and Hugh going their separate ways just when love seemed to be blooming.

“We both returned to Muddy Matches and met other really lovely people, but we just never found that same connection we had with anyone else I guess” Imogen tells us.

That’s when Imogen decided to up the ante and up sticks to move in with Hugh in his Herefordshire home.
“I swear he basically wanted to spend time with my dogs on a more full-time basis.” Imogen jokes.

It was a bold move but rekindled love sparks bravery in people and so it turned out for the pair who are now, once again, happily in love – something Imogen puts down to the power of a passenger seat in a tractor cab!

“A passenger seat in a tractor cab will truly save your relationship; that’s my advice to anyone looking for a relationship with someone agricultural. So, make sure it’s on your list of first date questions as it’s where you’ll spend a lot of time and have some of your best conversations.

It’s also a cracking view over the hedges if you’re nosy like me.”

And away from that tractor cab, Imogen and Hugh have their hands full as two became three in October.

“Our son Clive was born on 17th October and we couldn’t be happier. He’ll be in wellies before you know it. I can’t thank Muddy Matches for setting our love story in motion.”

Muddy Matches wish Imogen and Hugh the best of times as the grow as a little family together.