Angela and Stuart saddle up and make hay

Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

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“We knew that a week together in a horse box, in a foreign country, would either make or break us!”

Here at Muddy Matches HQ, we often find it is the muddiest of circumstance that brings country loving folk closer together as they seek that Muddy Ever After we all look for.

That was certainly the case for Scottish singletons Angela and Stuart who are now engaged to be married after their shared love of all things equine led them to a muddy match in July 2018.

“I had just returned to Muddy Matches after a period away when Stuart got in touch,” Angela told us. “I was a bit sceptical because we lived quite a distance apart, but Stuart was prepared to travel so we decided to give it a go.

“We messaged back and forward for a few days before arranging to meet up. We just seemed to have so much in common and a shared appreciation of horses and the outdoor life.”

A few days became a few weeks but then “things escalated rather quickly” according to Angela, who is a qualified, professional riding coach.

“A friend was unable to accompany me on a trip abroad to compete with my children and ponies. I had only known Stuart a matter of weeks when he offered to come with me and help and we knew that a week together in a horse box in a foreign country would either make or break us!

“I am glad to say it definitely made us and we have not looked back. Stuart now lives with me and my children and we are engaged to be married after Stuart proposed on our first anniversary.”

The pair have spent time away from the horse box too…

“We are now working together building a business and a future at my farm in Ayrshire,” Angela added. “We have enjoyed some super holidays together this year including a trip to New York for a “big” birthday of mine (definitely the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me), a week in Ireland for the European Pony Championships with my children and an amazing horse riding safari in South Africa.”

True to their roots though, the muddiness remains a big part of the day to day relationship with the pair “mucking out the stables together most days” whilst also getting knee deep in building new stables and sheds to “incorporate our growing herd of equines”.

It is Muddy Ever After moments like this that make what we do at Muddy Matches even more worthwhile.

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