Simple + Romantic Ways To Show You Care

Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

Simple + Romantic Ways To Show You Care

They say that actions speak louder than words. If you want to show your countryside match that you really care, you don’t need to make a grand, romantic gesture or spend a lot of money. There are so many quick and simple ways to show your love, and today on Muddy Matches we’ve rounded up ten of our favourite gestures to show you care.

1. Check that they get home safely

It’s not being over-protective, it’s showing that you care about their safety. Sending a message or making a quick call is also a great opportunity to say ‘thanks for a great date’ too.

2. Listen to them – and remember what they say

Guilty of asking questions then zoning out? Actually listening, and remembering all the little details about what your date says, demonstrates that you take a genuine interest in their lives and thoughts. You’ll also pick up some great tips about their favourite foods and drinks, hobbies and tastes – great further down the line when you want to impress them with a meal or a gift.

3. A spontaneous hug

Surprise them with a hug. After all, love isn’t all about conversation – surprising them with an uncalled-for hug shows that you are attracted to them.

4. Know how they take their tea, and make the perfect brew

Because tea is life.

5. Showing an interest in their hobbies (even if they don’t interest you)

If someone matters to you, what they are interested in should do too. You don’t have to get out and do the hobby with them (remember, it’s normal to have separate interests!)… even if you’re just asking about their hobbies, you’re showing you care. It works both ways too. You show an interest in their passions, and they’ll listen for hours about your love of antique lawn mowers.

6. Listen to their worries

Everyone needs a sounding board for worries and anxieties, and if your date is keen to chat to you it shows that they trust you. Being willing to listen shows that you feel the same way.

7. Encourage them (and even train with them) if they have signed up to a challenge or charity run

They say that actions speak louder than words and what better way to show support than helping them in a very practical and effective way? if training is beyond your level of fitness or ability, then helping with fundraising is also a bonus.

8. Send them unexpected messages over text or Whatsapp

Don’t you love it when you pick up your phone and find a sweet or funny message from a friend? Imagine how your date will feel when they receive an unexpected message. It could even be a picture of you living your best muddy life; the sky is your limit.

9. Go from ‘I’ to ‘We’

Changing your language from I to We shows that you’re invested in your relationship long term and you see them in your future plans. Try it and see!

10. Respect their need for space

As close as you may be as a couple, you don’t have to be together all the time. After the honeymoon period, a normal and healthy relationship thrives on you spending time apart so hear your partner when they give off ‘I need me time’ signals and give them the space they need.