Muddy Tips For Dating At Christmas Time

Tuesday, December 03rd, 2019

December, Christmas and the festive season can be a tricky time if you’re dating, and especially when you’ve only just started to date online with our countryside dating site. If none of your friends are in the same situation, it’s hard to know what’s the ‘normal’ thing to do when it comes to presents, visiting meeting the family, and if you’re moving too fast, or going too slow. With so many years of experience in helping countryside singles meet and find their own #MuddyEverAfter, we’ve put all of our knowledge into helping you navigate these December dilemmas with ease so you can enjoy all of the country loving coming your way. Oh, and don’t forget the mistletoe!

1. Should we spend Christmas together?

If you and your rural love have been dating for a long while and spending Christmas together feels ‘right’ for both of you, then by all means go for it. However, if your relationship is fairly new and you’re still getting to know each other then it’s best to spend the day itself with your respective families and friends. Why not meet up for Christmas Eve, or get together for a country date on Boxing Day instead? You’ll still get to celebrate and relax together without the pressure of Christmas Day.

2. Should we give each other presents?

If you’re really into each other then why not? Just make sure you have a chat first to make sure that you both know how much/little to give, and whether there is a spending limit. After all, you don’t want to give too little and receive a lot from your date. If it’s fairly new, then a small, thoughtful gift will be appreciated – maybe countryside-appropriate or even something you’ve made yourself?

3. Is it the right time to introduce my rural match to my family?

Around Christmas, emotions tend to be heightened. Often, if you return home for Christmas, you may find yourself reverting to the ‘childhood’ version of yourself too. Remember too, that introducing a date to a lot of family members at the same time can be very intimidating. If you are serious about your date and really want to introduce your family why not consider doing so over a winter walk or visit to a local beauty spot? Getting outdoors can take the focus and pressure off, and lets you work off the festive food too.

4. Should I take my date to the work Christmas do?

Alcohol, your boss, a new date, some well meaning but nosy colleagues…. Christmas parties can be scary at the best of times. If you feel your date will be comfortable and actually enjoy the Christmas party, it can be a great opportunity to introduce them to your work colleagues. Have a chat with them first to see how they’d feel. You could arrange for them to meet a couple of your closest colleagues over a drink beforehand, so that they know a couple of people and can relax a little.

5. Help, I’m still single!

First up, there’s nothing wrong with you. Second, good for you! Christmas time can make you feel a little lonely but try to focus on the things that being single let you do; from spending Christmas where and with whom you choose, to having some quality time for you. Also, the period between Christmas and New Year is a super-busy time for Myddu Matches and our rural countryside dating site. So it’s a great time to get online and start chatting to people who share your interests.