Muddy matched over a country pub pint

Friday, January 31st, 2020

Clare and Gordon

At Muddy Matches, as far as icebreakers go, we’ve seen everything from an enquiry into the wellbeing of some gourmet goats to an intriguing probe into the pros of poo picking a cowshed.

We’ve even heard of two rural romantics striking up a lovingly affectionate first conversation on the best ways to pitch up an electric fence around a paddock.

No ‘hey’ or ‘still up?’ here. Our country loving folk demand and, rightly, deserve a little more.

However, sometimes it’s the classic, often tried and tested one-liners that spark a life changing conversation between members.

“Fancy a pint, a bag of crisps and some banter?”

That was the go-to chat up line that Clare wheeled out as a starter for ten with Gordon after spotting in his profile that he enjoyed a drink (or two) in a country pub.

Now four years on; they are enjoying their muddy ever after together in Great Tew and making plans for their upcoming wedding.

It’s a common thing for the lady to make the first approach to message a country gent who catches her eye on Muddy Matches. And Clare, who described herself as being ‘in good working order with not too many miles on the click’ certainly showed the initiative to get her man talking.

“I tried and failed with other dating sites so, as I fancied a like-minded country loving, rugged farmer type, I thought I’d try Muddy Matches.” Clare tells us, fittingly, over a pint.

“I got talking to a few chaps without much luck at first but then I used my best chat up line on Gordon – and you know what, it worked.”

Gordon was working on the farm on a large country estate ‘mainly spraying’ at the time, enjoying his job and the ‘fantastic views that come with working in the countryside’.

This was back in September 2016.

A string of messages back and forth ensued over a number of days before Clare, with butterflies a plenty, put the feelers out swapping numbers and a real life meet.

“We met up at a pub in Stratford and both were feeling very nervous but the date went well. I didn’t need to chuck him in the river or climb out of the ladies loo window to escape.” Clare laughs.

“A year later we went back to the same pub and Gordon asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes” she beams.

It was a lifechanging moment for ex farmers wife Clare, who’s thankful to Muddy Matches for offering a second chance of happiness.

“I had been through a rough few years with a divorce but since meeting Gordon we have done so much together and made lots of new happy memories that I am sure I have found my muddy ever after.
We moved in together last summer, I have since changed jobs and I met my muddy match on your fab site three years ago… I couldn’t be happier.”

That’s what we love to hear Clare.
Here’s to another muddy ever after that warms the cockle of our heart.