Kris and Mary’s #MuddyLittleChristmas love story

Sunday, December 01st, 2019


Remote reindeer herder Kris says he is a big believer in the magic of Muddy Matches in making all his Christmases come at once after meeting ‘his Mary’ online with the countryside dating experts.

And now the muddy Mr and Mrs Claus are about to have themselves a muddy little Christmas after bonding over their shared love of reindeer, red fur lined suits, sleigh rides and cosy evenings in with mince pies and brandy.

It is a Muddy Matches love story that has gone down in folklore.

Rural romantic Kris, who also runs a hugely successful toy manufacturing and express delivery service, insists Muddy Matches’ sense of tradition and family-owned values produced somewhat of a Christmas miracle after unsuccessful attempts elsewhere to find someone compatible.

Speaking exclusively to Muddy Matches about his online dating experience in a series of #MuddyLittleChristmas blogs, Kris said: “It’s funny really, I spend a lot of my spare time with Cupid and there’s not even a sniff of romance. Then some naughty little elves, who really should have been hard at work, secretly set up a free profile for me on Muddy Matches and bingo!

“One day I was coming to town so changed my search preferences and that’s when Mary popped up on the magical new Connect feature. Ho, ho, ho…how her profile made me laugh and put a smile on my face – and she was looking for a bearded guy with a ‘jolly demeanour’ too. Would you believe it?”

Kris, who himself has been known by various alias’ on his online dating profiles in the past – including Kringle, Sinterklaas, Saint Nic and Santa – wanted to ensure Mary was indeed the real thing before setting his sleigh’s radar on full speed ahead for ‘destination love’.

“I’d heard stories about imposters so I made lists and I checked them twice. Then I did all the safety checks the lovely Muddy Matches customer care team recommended and there she was – present and correct – each and every year, on the nice list.

“I thought ‘hey, why not. What have I got to lose?’.”

Kris quickly favourited Mary, sent her a cheeky wink then, after a sip of sherry for dutch courage, he took the plunge; subscribed and messaged her. The rest, they say, is history.

“Now it feels like I have known her forever. We’ve had so many magical moments together; from watching Rudolf integrate himself back into the herd after missing out on so many games to helping me out when I got stuck down the chimney… oh the soot. It wasn’t a good look.”

“She even puts up with my ecelectic dress sense. I have definitely got the boots for the all the muddy activity we get up to but I’m not sure the white fur trim was such a good idea.
“Now we are entering our busiest time of year so we are both looking forward to Easter when we can have a bit of a breather.”

One thing is certain though; Kris remains besotted by his muddy match.

“I can’t imagine life without my Mrs Claus.
“I thought there was room for only one Vixen in my life, but as Dasher and Blitzen remind me, I was wrong – and it’s all thanks to Muddy Matches.

Have yourself a #MuddyLittleChristmas.
Keep believing.

Our Christmas Dating blog with reindeer herders Kris and Mary continues tomorrow when Kris explains why Muddy Matches is ‘poles apart’ from other dating websites when it comes to finding ‘the one’.