‘No drama, llama’ for Jo and Russell

Monday, November 11th, 2019

Jo and Russ

There’s some drama afoot for one of the llama farmers signed up to Muddy Matches… she is getting married!

Ok, so Jo isn’t technically a llama farmer. She is in fact one of the 1,400 alpaca farmers across the UK. But Jo, who also has a working love of horses, isn’t your average hobbyist alpaca farmer either; that’s why she is hell bent on having her fluffy-fleeced companions walk down the aisle with her as ringbearers.

(…as long as she can convince her soon-to-be hubby that it’s a good idea).

Jo caught the eager eye of Russell on Muddy Matches back in December 2015. Almost four years – and countless muddy messages – later, the big question has been asked; and of course the answer was ‘yes’.

“We just wanted to drop you a line and let you know our wedding is booked for 12 July 2020,” Jo said. “We’re getting married at a beautiful hotel on the Thames at Streatley.”

“We are delighted to be having our closest friends and family present.”

The muddy-minded pair started living together after a year of dating before taking the plunge to buy their first home together in rural West Berkshire – and with it came much wanted space in which to let their growing herd roam.

“Being more rural has enabled me to finally own my own four alpacas. We are maybe thinking of having them as ring bearers on our big day… well I am anyway” Jo added. “If not, it will be my faithful Collie.”

We’ve heard of farm-themed weddings and even seen engagement rings attached to cows udders… but alpacas walking down the aisle? We love it – and it appears we are not alone.

Having alpacas and llamas on hand as ‘surprise wedding guests’ was dubbed the UK’s number one wedding ‘must have’ trend in 2018 after starting life as ‘a thing’ at American weddings.

That ‘thing’ has boomed with smallholding farmers making the most of the opportunity to make a pretty penny. Thankfully, Jo can call upon her own herd.

“Russ and I would like to say a big thank you to Muddy Matches. We’re very happy. Compared to many of the other dating sites, we both found Muddy Matches to be the friendliest and easy to use.”

Here at Muddy Matches HQ, we look forward to hearing more about Jo and Russell’s wedding plans and the role her llama-like lovelies will play in it.