Muddy Matches has well and truly changed all of our lives for the better…

Saturday, January 20th, 2018

” I just wanted to let you know about a Muddy Matches success story for me and my wife to be, Jess.

We met on your site in August 2016 and since then have barely been apart.

What started as a few dates very quickly turned in to a serious relationship and a lot of really memorable adventures!

In September of this year we bought our first house together down in the beautiful East Sussex countryside and in December 2017 I decided to get down on one knee and propose. Fortunately for me, Jess said yes and we are due to get married in the early part of 2019. My new step daughter was delighted. She was 6 when me and my partner met on your site, now 8, and is really happy in her new home, with new friends and is loving the amount of freedom and space we have down in the countryside.

If this wasn’t enough of a year we are also expecting a new baby in June 2019 to add to our family so all in all Muddy Matches has well and truly changed all of our lives for the better. It is strange to think that without Muddy Matches none of this would have been possible.  

At the time we met I was a countryside ranger however with the move came a new job and I am now training as a Police Officer. 

We are both really grateful to Muddy Matches for giving us the chance to meet, it has been an eventful 18 months to say the least, we are all really happy in our new family and couldn’t imagine life apart now so thank you very much!

All the best and many thanks.”  Luke & Jess