Soak up the benefits of dating in the rain

Friday, July 05th, 2024

It may well feel like we have endured the wettest spring summer in living history, and repeatedly getting caught out in the countryside in a sudden shower has put a real dampener on things – but think again.

Experts are saying that getting outside when it rains is good for both your mind and soul, and can even lead to happier, healthier relationships. Welcome news when you are countryside dating with us. It could make for some fresh new opportunities when inviting your matches for that first ‘in real life’ meet.

Grab your wellies for a soggy dog walk together, take a stroll when the drizzle starts, dance even, if you are that way inclined. However you choose to embrace the rain, one thing is for sure, your wellbeing and love life will thank you for it.

Scientists have discovered that rain, and the sensation it can leave on the body, makes us happy, improves mental health and lifts positive wellbeing. A fresh walk as rain lashes down not only awakens your senses and washes away pesky allergens, but also lowers stress levels and calms your mood, leading to a more productive, positive outlook on life.

It is believed that a combo of chemicals released in soil after a downpour and negative charged ions in raindrops hitting the ground can also boost your energy levels when breathed in. They give you more get up and go to explore new opportunities with gusto and sense of freedom.

All of this makes for perfect, albeit somewhat damp, conditions for building meaningful connections and relationships.

So, our Muddy Matches dating advice is not to be put off by the forecast predicting wet weather when arranging plans with your muddy match. Instead, up your dating game in the rain. Those grey skies could well leave you, and your match, on cloud nine.