How To Spot An Online Dating Scammer

Thursday, November 12th, 2020

How To Spot An Online Dating Scammer

At Muddy Matches we are so proud to offer a safe online dating environment for all of you countryside daters to meet and connect. As well as introducing our new setting which means that ‘hidden’ profiles can no longer run searches, send messages or view online dating profiles, we require all online dating profiles are verified before they go live. Our in-house customer care team check through every profile and photo to make sure that only genuine people are active on Muddy Matches.

However, it’s still really important that you take care of yourselves and know how to spot an online dating scammer. In this blog we’ve put together a few ‘red flags’ which may indicate that a profile is suspicious. Please note, these signs do not necessarily mean that someone is a scammer, but it should help you to identify common factors and look after yourself when you’re online dating.

1. Their profile is too good to be true

Ever read an online dating profile which seems like a fairy-tale and is the dream of a boyfriend or girlfriend? It could be a scam. In our experience, make scammers with a male profile often choose stereo-typically male professions for their profile,(soldier, engineer) whilst scammers with a female profile may choose a traditionally feminine profession such as nursing.

2. Check their online dating profiles

Scammers tend to steal other people’s photos (from the internet and social media) and use them as their own. If you are approached by someone whose photos offer model-perfection poses rather than showing them in real-life settings, just be aware.

3. Consider how keen they are

Online dating scammers are experts at drawing people in and gaining their trust. If an online dater takes a very sudden, overwhelmingly keen interest in you and showers you with flattery and compliments, all the time. try not to be taken in.

4. Think about their back story

Many of us online daters are pretty regular in our lives. Yes, we may have the odd adventure here and there but when we start to communicate with others, we don’t tend to spill out all the negativity of the past. Many online dating scammers try to gain the sympathy of potential victims by sharing sad stories in which they themselves are the victim. Question the integrity of what people say if they come out with such a story.

5. What are their motives?

Has the person you’ve been messaging suddenly asked you for your help and your money? If someone asks you to send them money, at any time, never, ever do so and immediately report the online dating profile in question.

6. Are they requesting very personal details?

On we always recommend that you take time to get to know each other on our online dating profile before you swap details such as email addresses or phone numbers. If someone wants to know your full name (including surname), your address, your work address, your email address or your bank details early on in your communication, report them immediately via the handy ‘report’ button and ignore their requests.

On, each and every countryside dating profile has a ‘report’ button. So, if you ever come across any behaviours which makes you suspicious or raises concern, please hit the button and let us know your worries.