Seven Steps To Muddy Matches Dating Success

Thursday, October 08th, 2020

Seven Steps To Muddy Matches Dating Success

How are you getting on with countryside online dating? Finding it a breeze? Making lots of countryside connections? Or could your dating life do with a bit of a boost? Wherever you’re at with online dating, we hope that these seven, easy to follow tips will give you some guidance and confidence, and a little bit of structure.

1. Don’t make assumptions about online dating sites

Believe us, we’ve heard it all. Many, many people make assumptions about online dating sites, and the ‘type’ of people who go on there. Well, you can rest assured that when you sign up to, everyone has one, very important, thing in common; a shared love of the rural life. Forget what everyone else says; if you are looking for someone to share your country-loving life with you then you are in the right place. With our old-fashioned values, we are so proud that over the past 11+ years, we’ve helped thousands of rural singles meet and find love.

2. Trust the process and be prepared to take time

Much as we love to hear about Muddy Ever After fairytales, love may not happen with the first person you connect with on our countryside dating site (although we’re not saying that it can’t; check out Helena and Andrew‘s story here). However, we advise you to start online dating with an open mind and accept that it may take some time for you to find your muddy match. Being patient and taking time to get to know other rural romantics are invaluable tactics. We often hear about singles getting frustrated that they have not yet found ‘the one’, but with thousands of UK-based singles signing up all the time, we know that you’ll constantly see new faces to get to know.

3. Optimise your profile with a great online dating profile picture

Recently we had some great advice from a countryside dater who had found her fiancé with In her words, “Be your most natural self. Put a range of photos of yourself on, not poser pics; laugh, smile.” Your profile photo is the one thing that catches other singles’ eye when they browse down their search results, so showing yourself being the best, happiest version of you is key. Take our tips for a great online dating profile photo here.

4. Fill out your online dating profile with care

Much as you may wish to skip this section because you don’t know what to write, what you say here really gives other singles a taste of who you are, what your lifestyle is like, and what kind of relationship you’re looking for. Take your time, be honest and if you’re still stuck, get some help from our Muddy Matches Dating Advice on how to write a great online dating profile that really reflects you.

5. Create your Muddy Matches search and save it

We know that you countryside types are busy people, and logging on at the end of a long day can be a drag. That’s why we’ve made it easy to search and filter for countryside types who you’d like to get to know. On you can create a specific search, using our filters such as age, location, interests and hobbies (all country specific, of course), and save it. Once it’s saved, you can refresh the search before you can say ‘farmer wants a wife’ and all your matching singles will show up.

6. Play with your search filters

Handy as it is to have your searches set-up ready for you to refresh at the click of a button, try not to get stuck with just that search. Playing with your filters – location, age, lifestyle – and making them a bit wider will very often throw up many more rural lovers, one of whom may be the Muddy Match for you!

7. Reach out to people who catch your eye

If you’re shy or aren’t sure of the correct etiquette, it’s tempting to sit back and let other people contact you. That is the easy option, yes, but to get the most out of your Muddy Matches membership we really recommend that you take the first step and reach out with an online dating message. A quick hello and a few details about you and questions about them is a great ice-breaker and will get your online dating conversation started. Follow our advice for writing a great online dating message here.