Sofi’s surprise Valentines message leads to marriage

Monday, February 12th, 2024

A full farmhouse English breakfast, a collection of vintage tractors and a drift of Oxford Sandy black pigs became a mud lovers best Valentine’s Day gift ever.

“My Muddy Matches experience is something I cannot explain” Sofi says, with an infectious smile. “The happiest, most memorable thing happened to me on Valentines Day – and it was all thanks to the Muddy Matches dating site.”

It was Valentine’s Day 2019 and, despite having kept a low profile on the website – on and off – for over three years, Sofi decided to take another quick peek, just in case rural romance was waiting for her.

Call it an inkling… the power of Valentine’s Day brings out the expected hopefulness in the very best of us.

Except this time Sofi was right to feel positive. Her inkling was about to prove fruitful.

Sure enough, there in her inbox sat an unread message – and it had been sat there, craving attention, for over five months!

Sofi and John 2

“It was John who sent the first message and he’d sent it back in October” Sofi recalls, “But with me being a busy horse owner, I hadn’t seen it before.”

That message, from 20 year old family farmer John, was about to reshape Sofi’s life – a reshaping that leads all the way to marriage later this year in July 2024.

“When I opened John’s message I had a look at his profile. It was his eyes and his beautiful smile that caught my eye.” Sofi recalls. They’ve been together almost 5 years now and often talk about the first messages, and their first date a week later.

After seven days of talking online, that initial meet had been to an Indian restaurant where the couple bonded over a love of curry but it’s another of the pair’s more muddy-oriented dates that sticks fondly in Sofi’s memory.

“One of my favourite first dates we had was on a Sunday morning. We went to a local pub for a full english breakfast which was followed by a country dog walk with my working spaniel Millie. This was very important to me as I had found someone with the same love for the outdoors as myself.”

“Now, every weekend is spent at ‘The Farm’ – self sufficient of course, – and Millie comes along too.”

Millie the spaniel has company of her own now with John and Sofi building up a collection of animals.

“We often discuss our future plans,” Millie tells us. “The big goal for us was always to build our own farm with lots of farm animals, dogs and tractors, in the middle of nowhere; right in the heart of the country.

“We have started with rescuing ex battery hens , followed by buying ducks and goats to keep us busy . They go alongside John’s sheep and rare breed Shetland cows.” The pair added some Oxford sandy black pigs and some pygmy goats during lockdown. The farm is growing, not least because the pygmy’s are now pregnant and due to give birth during Valentines’ week.

“Then there’s Johns large collection of vintage tractors. We can’t forget his tractors” Sofi adds. “As well as the farm John and I spend some time together working at my mum’s livery yard, fixing fences and general maintenance of the stables.

But attentions are turning to the couples big day too when the tie the knot in Oakmere, near Tarporley.

“We are so excited,” Sofi adds. “It’s a pride wedding with tipis.” As for muddy touches as a nod back to their roots – Yes, we are sure there will be plenty.

“John and I class ourselves as country lovers. Even though we work on the farm and love it, our love for the outdoors goes beyond the farm gate.

“Every day we see each other we try our very best to get our walking with Millie – when spring / summer arrives there will be no stopping us exploring the beautiful countryside.

And as for inspiring others to take a fresh look at rural dating with Muddy Matches?

“To anyone who is unsure about joining Muddy Matches , I’d say take a leap over the farm gate and give it a go; your prince farmer could be waiting for you.”

(Just don’t leave it 5 months to reply to a life changing message!)

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