How Minnie Driver led to a mud-inspired marriage

Wednesday, March 30th, 2022

Mud lovers Simon and Kate set to take centre stage for a summer wedding as the next chapter in the story of their lives.

Minnie Driver!
It isn’t the muddiest of replies to an opening messaging exchange received whilst country life dating on Muddy Matches – but it has led all the way to a rural marriage!

When Warwickshire single Simon unearthed 70% muddy Kate online in October 2020, he wanted his opening icebreaker to be one ‘worth replying to’. So he asked who would play the leading lady in the ‘Hollywood’ story of her life.

Her response was Golden Globe nominated, ‘An Ideal Husband’ actress ‘Minnie Driver’ – now Simon has the task of being horse loving Kate’s ‘ideal muddy husband’ when they tie the knot this coming June.

“I can’t remember what the specific trigger was that made me look at Kate’s profile, but I know her hobbies and interests really aligned with mine” Simon, from Warwickshire, says.

The pair quickly found more common ground, when chatting about heritage fruit and veg, board games, collie dogs and the merits of Alfalfa.

“Kate’s definitely got the muddier creds that I do, having grown up on a farm, surrounded by Hereford cows, where her uncle was a beef farmer, but we have plans to be much more muddy as a couple after our wedding.”

Simon and Kate got engaged last summer when he proposed whilst on a walk at Dimmingsdale Valley in Staffordshire.

“It was where we had our first date actually,” he recalls. “We met at Dimmingsdale in October 2020 for tea and a walk. Then we headed to off to the farm shop and onto a quiet pub for dinner.

“We really hit off on the first date, spending hours talking, laughing and just enjoying being together. It is one of Kate’s favourite places so I decided to propose there.”

The wedding will be a rural one with roots as well.

“The wedding will be held in the village where Kate grew up, and the reception will be held in a marquee in one of her family’s fields,” Simon adds.

“On top of that, Kate will be arriving at the church in her horse and trap, and one of her dogs will be attending the ceremony, and going up the aisle with one of the bridesmaids.”

Planning has gone well, even amidst a global pandemic; with Simon giving Kate’s ‘exceptional list making skills‘ much of the credit.

“Our relationship has always been very happy and also very relaxed, which has helped us get through the stresses of lock down.” He tells us.

“Not having access to the wider world was not the problem it could have been, and, in fact, helped us spend more time together, getting to know each other.

“Since we could only meet for exercise for a long time, it meant we both got very fit and had ages to talk on our very long hikes! We’ve future proofed against further lock downs by moving in together!

As for those plans for a life more muddy once married, the couple are clear; secure a smallholding together, add more rare breed animals to Kate’s flock of Derbyshire Redcaps chickens, and get up and running with Simon’s own pet project; the partially restored tractor.

“It’s an International Harvester 674,” he’s quick to tell us. “That’s the era my dad worked for the company; it’s my tenuous link to being muddy.

We are sure Minnie Driver would approve.

It sounds heavenly.

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