Shared smallholding dream matches Philippa & Jack

Friday, March 25th, 2022

“My Muddy Match and I have already worked out what breed of pig we’d want on our ‘dream’ smallholding together.”

A mud loving couple of wannabe smallholders, connected by a ‘shared dream’ of a far muddier lifestyle, are making moves for a life together after meeting on Muddy Matches.

Philippa, from South London, met Surrey-based Jack whilst country life dating with us during the pandemic, back in August 2020.

She was attracted to the ‘description of the life he hankered for’ in his profile and the same values they both held. “There was an offer of a dog walk on the first date too!” Phillipa quips.

“I sent a screenshot of Jack’s dating profile to my sister, and she said he sounds just like you. It’s true.”

With so much in common, the fledgling days of their rural romance were filled with ‘lots of regency style dating’ – as Phillipa put it – meeting up for walks, with-and without Wilbur, her dog – in the open air. “Luckily, we both love to do that anyways, hence why we were both on Muddy Matches.” she adds.

Now their shared dreams of one day owning their own smallholding has inspired a countryside connection that is in full bloom, but with plenty of room to lay roots further.

“We have already worked out what breed of pig we’d want to get, as well as trying to work out if we can keep quails in a South London garden,” says 60% muddy, Phillipa.

She’s a country girl at heart – born and bred in the West Country – but living a life more concrete currently. Philippa is also a lass who clearly loves a challenge; she’s already ‘encouraged’ match Jack to up sticks from ‘lovely, leafy Surrey’ to South London.

“I’ve actually dragged him” Philippa laughs. “It’s hard to get these Surrey boys to leave Surrey, but he has recently moved in with me and thing are certainly going well!

“We make the most of going out to the North Downs on our weekends and enjoy going wild swimming in the lakes just south of where I live. We are lucky to have a few options nearby for swimming in; both Godstone and Buckland are old sand quarries.

If Philippa had her way their muddy boots would lead them further south as a country couple, back to her roots.

“I would love to get Jack to consider moving back to the West Country with me, but I think we will have to save for a lot longer and try to buy a smallholding in the South East.”

“The big thing on our ‘to do’ list is buying a house with some land,” she adds. “We are keeping an eye out for when the right property comes up; somewhere that can have an orchard (as I need to be able to make my own cider!) and have our Hampshire pig as an orchard pig.

For now, we’re both enjoying having someone else to get out and explore the outdoors with, get our boots muddy and then relax in the evenings over a glass of wine.”

It sounds heavenly.

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