We are knee deep in mud-inspired ‘married bliss’

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022

A newly married country couple from North Wales, who met on Muddy Matches, have given a welcome update on their muddy boots lifestyle together.

Katherine and sheep farmer husband Medwyn wed in July 2021 after a six-year rural romance that started out life as an online countryside connection in which they were both new to rural dating.

Then country singles, the pair had bonded over a joint love of the simple life; walking, dogs, home cooking and a shared bout of the Monday morning blues.

They exchanged lambing season experiences with Katherine recalling the time, she was birthing two lambs at 2am in the morning, wearing her ‘best going out gear after just getting in from a night on the town’.

Now eight months on from their big day – an intimate rural wedding with close friends – Katherine says they are knee deep in ‘married bliss’ and the relentless pace of country life that shows no signs of slowing.

They moved in together in 2016, renovating a farmhouse that is now the family home, and welcomed their first born to their muddy world in May 2019.

“Things are going great here; eight months of wedded bliss,” 80% muddy Katherine says. “Things are busy here on the farm; we have just started lambing and we are in the process of putting up a new shed.

“But we are looking forward to celebrating our first year of marriage in a few months time.”

“Our little boy will also be three in May, and he loves the new borns.

Thank you again, MuddyMatches. We couldn’t have done it without you. We’re very happy!”