Welsh couple “couldn’t be happier” thanks to muddy love

Friday, July 30th, 2021

Welsh couple start a new chapter in life after meeting on Muddy Matches

“We couldn’t be happier” says Welsh lass Katherine after a wonderful 7 years together with her farming Muddy Match, Medwyn with whom she just celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

Katherine, from Llangollen, connected with Welsh sheep farmer Medwyn in September 2015, just days after deciding to country life date with Muddy Matches.

She immediately added him to her favourites list and took up the initiative, firing off the first message to see what the Bala boy from North Wales held in store. The pair soon bonded over a joint love of walking, dogs, home cooking and a shared bout of the Monday morning blues.

They exchanged a joint interest in the ‘simple life’ and differing experiences of lambing season. Medwyn, in the middle of vaccinating his flock against Pneumonia, whilst Katherine recalled the time, she was birthing two lambs at 2am in the morning, wearing her ‘best going out gear after just getting in from a night on the town’.

Both 80% Muddy, and both new to online dating, it was the muddiest of 3 week-long conversations.

It would be the start of a rural relationship that would end in marriage, a renovated farmhouse and the starting of a lovely little muddy family.

“It’s all thanks to Muddy Matches” Katherine adds.  “We soon met up and got on really well. We moved in together in 2016. We then renovated a farmhouse together and moved in (to that) in 2017, before welcoming our little boy to the world in May 2019.

“Now, we are married.

“We had a small wedding on the 10 July 2021. It was a wonderful day. It was just us and two witnesses at the ceremony, but then we had a small buffet for close family.

“We had our farming neighbours up for a few drinks in the evening. We couldn’t be happier.”