So near, yet so Sofia, for Emma and Lee’s lockdown love

Wednesday, January 06th, 2021

Trees. Birds. Sky. Mud. Dog. (3)

Puppy love saw Norfolk singletons match but their relationship has hit a Bulgaria- sized buffer since Christmas

50-year-old Emma, from Norfolk, has reason more than most to bemoan yet another lockdown, especially when it comes to her love life; her newly unearthed Muddy-Matched boyfriend Lee is stranded in Bulgaria and, given all the uncertainly, she’s desperate for a cuddle.

Liverpudlian-born Emma, who spends most of her free time tending to her three horses but is a hairdresser by trade, met dog lover Lee, from Norwich, whilst online dating with Muddy Matches in early November.

They had bonded over a love of dogs – 13 between them; enjoyed candlelit dinners and met each other’s families. He even helped get the brambles of her hair that she often gets tangled in.

Despite local tiers and restrictions, they were loving all the feel good the start of a new relationship brings.

Then a scheduled pre-Christmas work trip to Bulgaria for Lee turned into chaos with borders shut, a Christmas together missed and now, with a new lockdown upon us, no clear road ahead when he can return. The pair have seen the New Year in 1,800 miles apart.

“Unfortunately, he’s stuck there until goodness knows when.” Emma tells us.

“We are absolutely crazy about each other and can’t bear to be apart so we video chat all day long. We’ve also been video calling with his family in Scotland as well as mine in Ireland.

“I’m not working because of the lockdown so it’s keeping us going for now. But the very second the borders are open again we will be seeing each other.”

Both were first timers to country life dating when they matched – and, like many singletons on Muddy Matches, they connected over common ground. In Emma and Lee’s case it was a shared love of dogs and being ‘avid animal lovers.

“Matching with Lee on Muddy Matches was a dream come true. I never thought it was possible to find someone so amazing. Finding someone who you love and share lots of interests with is a welcome change from the rubbish past we’ve both had.

“He caught my eye because of his gorgeous look and all his dogs! He has 10 dogs” Emma tells us. “He has also met my 3 cats, 2 sheep and he love my horses to bits, as they do him. We treat all our animals like our children.”

“It’s really muddy down the horses right now. Before he left for Bulgaria, Lee did all the heavy lifting and lugging poo about, bless him. He looks so hot scooting about with the wheelbarrow!”

Emma talks of grand plans for her relationship with Lee. There’s mention of buying land in the near future on which to build some stables and set up home ‘like a kind of dog version of the Brady Bunch’. She even mentions the prospect of marriage – twice – as we speak.

“Hopefully, we will tie the knot later this year if all this craziness goes away.” she adds.

Whatever the future holds though, Emma is certain of one thing: “I’m never going to let him go to Bulgaria on his own ever again!”.