International language of love connects Lewis to Laura

Friday, October 16th, 2020
Lewis and Laura

How a Staffordshire farmer’s search for a ‘local’ soulmate took him to Düsseldorf and back

When dairy farm manager Lewis started online dating with Muddy Matches, he never imagined he’d end up doing his ‘bit’ for international relations; but that is how his romantically-charged adventure in country life dating has panned out.

Lewis, originally from Robin Hood country, was looking for a lass with like-minded shared interests in shooting, walking, farming, game fairs and hunt balls when he landed on Muddy Matches; and crucially, for him, his eyes were set on someone ‘local’ to his area in Staffordshire.

Then he connected with German born, professional countryside photographer Laura, who despite signing up to Muddy Matches whilst working in Ireland back in 2016, had only recently become more active.

It was a connection that was prompted by a wink by Laura.

“I saw Lewis’ profile to be fair; he was the most handsome, and his eyes… What a belter! His profile text was down to earth as well. So I couldn’t resist a cheeky wink at him, hoping that he would send me a message. I didn’t expect anything too serious to develop.”

One check over of Laura’s photos and a detailed read of her friendly bio, which clearly laid bare the fact that she was ‘currently living in Germany’ and Lewis’ idea of ‘local’ suddenly stretched by a good 900 miles (or 1,400 kilometres if you are of European persuasion).

There was no doubting Laura’s countryside credentials though; with reference to having worked on farms in Ireland previously, a love of all animals and now owning a horse.

Lewis was all in. “I saw Laura’s wink and thought ‘oooooh, she’s lovely’, so I messaged her.” He got a reply within 24 hours. Laura admits she ‘got all excited’ when the message arrived.

After a messaging exchange back and forth, and numerous flights of fancy as well as a global pandemic to deal with, the two are now officially an item despite Laura still based out of Düsseldorf; it takes long distance relationship to the next level.

Over video call, Laura tells us “Lewis had to fly over for our first date where we spent the weekend together and I showed him a little bit of Germany. It has been difficult because when we fly to see each other we have to check the corona situation to see we are still allowed to travel and will be allowed into the country when we arrive. But we were messaging and video calling from when we first got in touch with each other.”

“It is early days but we are both very happy and excited to see how things develop despite living in different countries. Lewis has mentioned running his own farm one day which is something I would love for both of us to do together.

“There will be loads of cows – 300 if Lewis gets his way. We will have my horse and I would like 500 sheep in the future. Lewis is not so keen about the sheep yet.”

“I never thought I would meet such a great girl from another country,” Lewis adds. “It was indeed a muddy match and, as you can see from the photo, it is going really well.

”That is all thanks to Muddy Matches. It just goes to show that Muddy Matches is not just for dating in the UK. Thanks for helping me find her.”

“We know we won’t have ever met each other if it wasn’t for Muddy Matches”, adds Laura.

With a focus on rural and remote romance and with a keen eye on traditional values, Muddy Matches rightly attracts its fair share of international interest. Our mud-loving cousins in Europe – especially those in the Netherlands, France, Germany, and Finland – alongside singletons in the United States, Canada, Australia and Singapore are particularly keen on jumping in with both boots.

In fact, over 13% of our website visits are made up of outdoors-loving folk who live in, or hail from, a different part of the world. However if, like Laura, they hold rural aspirations, have countryside credentials that stack up and, importantly, are open about their provenance, they are more than welcome to be part of the Muddy Matches community.

Lewis and Laura

We wish Lewis and Laura all the best as they continue to enjoy their muddy love story together and spread the international language of love.