Love blooms in a year for Amy and Jamie

Wednesday, August 19th, 2020


A story of finding a soulmate and love that grew stronger despite spending lockdown 182 miles apart.

One year ago this week, farmer’s son Jamie messaged Jockey’s daughter Amy on Muddy Matches. They chatted about gin and tonic, how eye contact was a dying artform, her beaming smile.

Now 12 months on, in the middle of a global pandemic and having spent much of lockdown 182 miles apart, their love has blossomed like no other.

That is the power of connecting at Muddy Matches.

“I want to shout how much I love my Amy from the rooftops – well from top of the haybales!” Jamie says. “I have never been so much in love if I am honest.”

He simply cannot wait to tell us about ‘Mooey’, their first ‘meet cute’ on a first date in Cambridge and gushes about just how big a part to play Muddy Matches has had in their relationship.

“A year has flown by like smoke through a keyhole. I would not have met her without you and for that I am eternally grateful. I cannot thank you enough” He adds. There is an air of old fashioned but flamboyant, new romance about Jamie; the kind where PDA is in abundance.

He talks of traditional values, his family’s farming background and chivalry. Some would say he has devoted puppy love but there is no getting away from the pair’s chemistry.

“Amy is definitely a match for life, my soulmate. She was a keeper as soon as I set eyes on her profile picture, it was just a matter of winning her over and pulling out all the stops. I knew she was on another level and was (and is) very much out of my league, but we have so much in common, it’s as if we’ve known each other for years.”

It is Jamie, unsurprisingly, that does all the talking. Amy reveals later that his desire to feature as a success story on the Muddy Matches online dating website was a ‘surprise for her’.

Now the pair are currently looking at setting up home together – the ideal is off the grid or a project property in the middle of nowhere to get stuck into. Jamie brings up the ‘wedding’ word before quickly adding “we are like a married couple already though”.

There’s no rush mind. They both admit to “taking it day by day in these current climes”. It is wise move. Lockdown for the pair has been somewhat of a logistical nightmare with Jamie in rural Berkshire and Amy, keyworking in a farm shop near her family home in North Norfolk.

The distance between them – a near 400 mile round trip – would usually be unheard of in online daters for whom 15 mile searches are the norm.

“We’ve managed, many couples have suffered from what I’ve heard, but the love is strong.” Jamie adds. And we believe him. “Living 200 odd miles away from each other and with travel restrictions in place, it’s been difficult to meet up as regularly as we’d like, but we make it work and make the most of our time together.

“It’s not ideal but love conquers all I say. We’ll pull through, even if we come out muddy on the other side. The new normal cannot come quick enough!”

He winds his memory back a year when things were indeed a little more ‘normal’. “We met in Cambridge for our first date and it was a whirlwind of adventure; neither of us wanted the day to end and left with big smiles on our faces.”

The pair have a lovely way about them and there’s shared interests a plenty; something that is the very beating heart of a Muddy Matches partnership.

“She loves my Malinois, Shadow too and my Land Rover Defender, so what more could I ask for!” Jamie laughs.

“We both grew up in the countryside and love all aspects of the outdoor lifestyle. We have both held office jobs in the past that drove us crazy, so we stick to the outdoors wherever possible.

“We love going on walks and getting out in the open air. We both love the beach and nature. For us, exploring and mini adventures are the spice of life and we love nothing more than taking spontaneous trips together and making lots of mini memories.

Here at Muddy Matches, we are in little doubt there are many more mini memories to come for Amy and Jamie to look forward to… whatever the ‘new normal’ holds in store.