Rob and Pam’s Muddy Ever After

Wednesday, October 09th, 2019

Rob and Pam

When Irish eyes are smiling…

Here at Muddy Matches HQ, we love a good Muddy Ever After to shout from the top of the haybales – and nothing says ‘happy ending’ more than a Muddy Wedding.

That was the case for Rob and Pam who, after joining Muddy Matches some five years ago, tied the knot just over a month ago.

Their ceremony, in the woods of a remote estate in the Wicklow mountains, could not have been more fitting of their muddy adventure together.

“We got married on 28th August” Rob tells us. “Our ceremony was accompanied by a fiddle and tin whistle, followed by a hog roast and Irish dancing until the early hours. The decorations were very rustic and farmer friendly – wellies, straw bales and milk churns!”

Rob, who originally hails from Ireland, recalls that the first few dates with Pam were an early indication of things to come and he soon realised the muddy match had legs.

“Pam and I started messaging through Muddy Matches in March 2014. I had let my subscription run out after a couple of unsuccessful dates and when Pam messaged, I thought I would give it one more try. I paid my subscription and she’s now my wife!”

“Our first date was in a pub garden; I was between milkings and Pam arrived in breeches and riding boots straight from the yard.I remember our third date was in the milking parlour and that’s when it was confirmed to me that she was a keeper.”

Rob had been living in England for around 18 months before meeting Pam but held intentions to move back home to Ireland and his farm – and he did so with his girl, and a duo of new animal friends, in tow.

“Pam knew early on that was my long-term plan. So just under three years after we met, along with the addition of an Alaskan Malamute and a horse, we made the move back to Co. Wicklow.”

Now, two years after settling into life in Ireland, the pair continue to enjoy their Muddy Ever After together as husband and wife.

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