A long distance love story!

Friday, September 20th, 2019


Andrea’s long distance love story!

Ah, long distance relationships! Don’t you just love them. General wisdom will have it that location, location, location is king when it comes to online dating. But then ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ we are told!

Well here at Muddy Matches, distance is never a decision maker. Just ask horse lover, and part time plough woman, Andrea whether upping the search radar pays off or not.
Her #muddyeverafter lives over land and sea (he’s closer to France than her hometown) and yet their relationship is blooming after meeting on Muddy Matches.

Andrea met shepherd come shearer/plumber Jason through Muddy Matches back in the early throws of summer; she admits she wasn’t “really proactively looking” but one wink, a quick intrigue-inspired look at his profile after an e-notification ping in her inbox and boom! She was hooked.

The fact he lives in Guernsey, some 275 miles from Andrea’s home in Cambridgeshire, was no barrier. By plane, train, automobile and even car ferry they make it work.

“It’s a first for both of us with the long distance thing but it won’t be forever.” Andrea said speaking to Muddy Matches.

“Our first date took a bit of planning; “He’s sorted out my electric fencing for me whilst I poo picked the paddocks.”

Sounds dreamy to us.

“He came over to the UK on my birthday weekend which meant he was chucked straight in at the deep end and met my family and friends too, which he managed to hold his own and they all thought he was lovely so he definitely earns some brownie points.

“I obviously made an impression on him too as despite him telling me he didn’t rush into things, he’d barely landed back in Guernsey before he asked me to be his girlfriend.
“He’s already training me up as his trainee shepherdess.”

Andrea can’t talk highly enough of Muddy Matches for making the match happen. “Muddy Matches helped me find what I’ve spent my whole life looking for. I have tried tinder before but there is no comparison; best way to say it is there is quantity from tinder, but quality on Muddy Matches.

“I took a look at the notifications that came through by email and when I saw Jason had winked at me I was intrigued to find out more about him.
“I liked what I saw so I followed the link to the website and when I read up on his profile I really liked what I read too, so I added him to my favourites.”

Some cheeky messages down the line and the two are settling into live as a couple living far apart but with plenty to look forward to – and, significantly, they talk all the time.
“We get on so well and talk on the phone for hours. Actually we’ve spoken every day, twice a day since we first started talking!

Andrea has been racking up the air miles too in pursuit of happiness. A trip to Guernsey a couple of weeks ago for ‘an amazing weekend with his family and friends’ – and now the pair are counting down the hours before he lands back in the UK.

“We’re going to plan the rest of the year out; I’m booked for next March to go over and help with the lambing which I am excited about and Jason is coming here for two weeks at Christmas so we can spend loads of time together before making plans to c0me to live here next year.”

“Jason’s everything I’ve ever wanted to find in someone really.” Andrea added. “He’s kind, caring, affectionate and honest.

Have you got a #muddyeverafter success story to tell from your time with Muddy Matches?
If so, drop us a chatty email to andrew@muddymatches.co.uk and we’ll shout your success from the top of the haybales.