Reindeer herder hopes Muddy Matches can play Cupid

Thursday, December 14th, 2023

Enjoy this festive look back from when a real life reindeer herder joined Muddy Matches, looking for farmer love.

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer at a push?

Ask Muddy Matches member Imogen the name of her favourite reindeer, and you get a rather off the wall, and far less festive answer, than you’d expect.

“Kevin, Howard or Doris” she says with a wry smile.
The 90% muddy, country pursuits lover from Worcestershire does have fair reason to pick beyond the norm. She is, after all, a genuine reindeer herder, attracted to Muddy Matches by the chance to meet like-minded animal lovers and outdoorsy singles.

“Rudolph’s alright too. He’s a super special reindeer” she adds, with all the Christmas spirit of someone who started her career as a working elf on a local farm. No joke.

“All our reindeer are bred in the UK; the majority were born on the local farm here.”

Reindeer herding, as you’d expect, is a seasonal job for Imogen who has landscaping experience and spends a lot of her time tending to her four horses whilst helping out on local farms. It is simply something that has set her up nicely for when Santa comes to town.

“I spend much of the year with my horses; either taking them hunting, or off to county shows. I really want to get my homebred horse out to her first ridden shows & hunting. Then I would love to try and qualify for Olympia Horse Show to add even more Christmas magic!”

“Because I am so used to dealing with large animals, I took over the care and training of the farm’s herd of reindeer. In general, it’s day to day feeding and husbandry. On the run up to Christmas I start walking them around the farm to get them used to being out on a halter and getting them accustomed to different noises and sights.”

“I have to admit it always bringing the Christmas magic back even though I’m grown up. In all seeing the smile on kid’s faces meeting Santa’s real reindeer makes it worthwhile.

“I think one of the best questions I have ever been asked about the reindeer is ‘Why do reindeer have legs? They fly, surely they don’t need legs?”

Now Imogen is eyeing her own new adventure with someone who truly appreciates her love of outdoor life.

“I’m looking for someone who compliments the lifestyle and understands everything I do; I’m not around much at Christmas and I am permanently tired! I’d ideally like someone with a farming background. That would be amazing; I love being out with the farm animals.

“I’ve spoken to a few lovely people already on Muddy Matches but just not the right one yet.”

And, as for her ideal Christmas date? “Just a cheeky kiss under the mistletoe” she adds with a playful glint. “I’m definitely on the good list so as a perfect ‘muddy’ date; maybe sharing a hip flask of homemade raspberry vodka on a cold morning’s hunting?”

As for the name of Muddy Matches favourite of Santa’s reindeer, there is one clear winner that catches our heart:

Cupid, of course.