‘Slow burn’ dating helped our relationship fully bloom!

Wednesday, April 27th, 2022

A country couple believe the slower pace of dating during lockdowns has benefited their new relationship for the long run– and they spent it all 250 miles apart.

Suffolk based Sean matched with Lancastrian Ruth whilst country-life dating on Muddy Matches in January 2021, right when the dating scene was anything but normal.

Virtual dating was at its peak and whilst the prospect of unearthing lockdown love offered welcome relief, it came with its own hurdles, with little immediate chance for chemistry to sizzle face to face.

Not that it put Sean and Ruth off. In fact, they believe their countryside connection is more robust now thanks to virtual dating that slowed everything down.

“I think that the enforced slow burn has been good for us as we have developed strong foundations for our relationship,” Sean says.  “We had several dates halfway between Suffolk and Lancashire before COVID regulations allowed us to visit one another’s homes.”

The pair are no strangers now to virtual dating or video chats; in fact they enjoy it. Ruth even mentions that that their video calls would last for nine hours at a time, such was the bond.

“Seeing Sean on the screen was intimate and felt like he was in the room. We actually met each others friends’ online very early on” Ruth adds.

Sean agrees. “It was nice to see Ruth whilst chatting rather than just on the phone. When we were finally able to meet up, it didn’t feel like a first date in many ways as we were already very comfortable together.”

Ruth is in full agreement with her muddy other half too when it comes to the slower pace of dating bringing out the best in the match.

“Taking things incrementally and getting to know one another before throwing yourself headlong into a relationship massively helps. You need to build trust and ensure this is the person you can see yourself with.

I’ve found the key to a lasting long-distance relationship is communication. Real, open, and honest communication. This has built a solid and strong foundation for us.”

They have been together over a year now, and Sean is moving from Suffolk to Lancashire this summer to live with his muddy match. 

“Some might think that’s too soon, but we are all moving at our own pace,” Ruth says. This works for us and this feels like a natural progression.”

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