7 festive ways to give your dating profile a new Christmas wrapping

Wednesday, December 01st, 2021

From talking turkey to Christmas jumper selfies, spruce up your online dating profile with some festive tips we know work.

Festive feel good has certainly started early this year and Christmas spirit is already overflowing…everywhere except whilst online dating it seems! Well, baaa humbug to it!

We find there’s always a little bit of reluctance on the part of online daters to display their festive cheer through their profiles on whichever app or dating website they choose to use. Funny really, given Christmas is the busiest time of year to be online dating with flocks of people single and ready to jingle.

Here at Muddy Matches, we say ‘go for it’; research tells us that a Christmas spruce up of your profile is a winner with other singles too. Here’s a few pointers to get your started:

Add a Christmas Jumper selfie as your profile photo .
It displays a strong sense of humour, a willingness to not take yourself overly seriously and can soften online persona. It’s called the Mr Darcy Effect (remember that awful goofy reindeer sweater in Bridget Jones’ Diary?).

Pucker up!
Christmas brings out the cheekiness in people; references to a little kiss (mask permitting) under the mistletoe show off your playful side without being considered overly flirty or too keen.

Fill up on feel good
Pack your profile bio with your Christmas traditions, childlike excitement or the magic of memories. They spark warmth, comfort and sense of old fashioned nostalgia in readers. These feel good feelings fuel familiarity, compatibility and romance.

Talk turkey!
Our Muddy Matches members just love talking food, and especially love talking about the produce they’ve hand reared or bred. Whether it’s a White Holland, Bourbon Red or Norfolk Black, taking turkey is a great chance to show an appreciation for the little details in life that really matter to our members.

Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie? (Asking for a friend).
Should Yorkshire Puddings appear on my Christmas Dinner? Encourage a better response rate with a profile opener that sparks a fun, festive debate or poses a question. It’s a well used, trusted ice breaker that really does work.

Movie magic
Making reference to your favourite Christmas film opens up a fun, friendly opportunity to find new common ground and shared interests. It’s also a topical way to subtlly drop in the idea of a date: “Fancy watching it together?” (Remember: Die Hard is not a Christmas movie though!)

Baubles to it!
Post a picture of you and your tree. Scientists say what adorns the top of your tree says a lot about your personality and character; a star displays boldness and strength of mind; an angel is a symbol of contentment and wellbeing. What does your tree say about you?

So our Muddy Matches dating advice is simple; don’t let the grinch in you steal your Christmas opportunity to give your online dating profile a sprinkling of glitter and a shiny new wrapping.

Just stay authentic.
Have yourself a Muddy Little Christmas.