How To Make A Great Impression Via Your Online Dating Message

Thursday, November 19th, 2020

How To Make A Great Impression Via Your Online Dating Message

Hands up if you’ve ever received an online dating message that is a one word ‘hey’ or, even worse, if you’ve been sent a message that really puts you off from finding out more about this particular online dater. Today we’re here to discuss the power of language when it comes to sending an online dating message. We know that making the first move and crafting a message to someone who has caught your eye on is always going to be a bit nerve-wracking, so how can you be sure to make a great impression? Type the wrong thing and your countryside match will move past you in a matter of seconds. Type the right thing and ta-da! Muddy Ever After, here we come!

1. Take a good look at their profile

Being drawn to someone’s main profile photo and reacting to it in your message is one thing, but to really make a great impression you need to go a step further. By taking time to look to read of their profile, take a mental note of their likes and interests, and referring to them in your message will show that you’re serious about getting to know more about them and aren’t just spamming (and by that we mean sending the same message to multiple profiles in the hope that someone will reply).

2. Ask some questions

We’ve all had those messages in which the dater goes on and on and on about themselves. What is your true reaction? Do you feel they are interested in you and want to know more? It’s really important that as well as introducing yourself you ask some questions about them. This is where having read over their online dating profile carefully can really pay off and get the conversation started.

3. Check your spelling and grammar

When you’re messaging online, a little bit of abbreviation, slang and text speak is fine, but does your muddy match really want to receive a sloppy, error-ridden message? If you can’t be bothered to read over your message and make it smart and correct, it may seem as if you don’t care about making a good impression. Thank you, next.

4. Give a compliment

It’s time to be honest! What drew you to click on this particular muddy dater? Was it their eyes, their smile, or did you love the way they seemed at home doing whatever they’re doing in the photo? Give a genuine compliment and make it natural. It’s time to use your judgement here and really assess if what you say comes across as sincere, or if it’s a little sleazy.

5. Sign off well

Hmm, maybe as tricky as starting your online dating message is knowing how to sign off. Anything too formal will sound a little business-like (kind regards, with compliments etc.) but stopping your message short might also come across as a little curt. We like ‘would love to hear from you’, ‘looking forward to getting to know you’ and ‘take care’… all friendly and welcoming and invite a reply!