Dating Safely With Muddy Matches

Thursday, August 20th, 2020

Dating Safely With Muddy Matches

When a countryside single has caught your eye on Muddy Matches, our online dating site for rural lovers, the next, and very natural, step is to meet in real life. Exciting as it is – will they put a spring in your muddy boots’ step and a twinkle in your eye? – keeping safe is of the utmost importance. Here are our top tips to help protect your safety when you’re looking for love in the countryside.

1. Plan your date for a public place with lots of other people around

Countryside dating means that we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a place to meet for the first time; there are just so many beautiful country pubs, rural walks and places of local beauty to enjoy together. The first time you take your love off our online dating site and into real life, though, it’s super important to choose a place where there are lots of other people around and continue to plan public dates whilst you get to know each other. No horse riding dates in the wilderness until you know each other really well!

2. Take your phone with you

These days, we’re very rarely far from our phones, but before you leave for your countryside date, make sure your phone has plenty of battery and that it’s safely in your pocket or your bag ready for use if you need it.

3. Tell a close friend of family member where you are going…

… and check in with them to let them know you’re safe. We’re sure that you’ll be so excited about your rural date that you’ll spill the beans to your friends anyway but, just to protect yourself, tell someone you trust exactly where you are planning to go and who with so that your location is always known. Remember, too, to check in with them when you get home so that they know you are safe.

4. Travel to and from the date by yourself

Until you know your countryside love really well and begin to build trust and connection, always rely on yourself for your transport to and from your dates. That way you don’t need to give them your full address until you want to. We advice planning your route home in detail – be that via your own car, public transport or a private taxi – so that you can leave when you want to.

5. Listen to your instincts

If something doesn’t strike you as quite right on your date – if they don’t seem to be who they said they were on their online dating profile, for example, or if they’re trying to pump you for personal details, listen to your instincts and leave. On our countryside online dating website, we have a ‘report’ button on each dating profile so you can let us know if something isn’t right about someone.

6. Keep your details private

Much as we hate it, sometimes online daters are online to look for something other than love. If you’re being pressed to reveal financial information or lend someone you’ve just met money, leave the date immediately and let us know. Get more advice about financial exploitation and safe online dating here.

7. But try to have fun

Whether you’re a farmer who wants a wife, want to date farmers or just hunting for companionship in the countryside, online dating with our niche countryside dating agency is meant to be fun. We’re proud to be a part of the Online Dating Association, who have strict guidelines that we follow to make your dating experience as safe and comfortable as we possibly can, so when you use our site you know that you’re in safe hands. For more details about having a confident and fun first date, planning a date in the countryside and everything else to do with rural love and online dating, we’d love for you to visit our other features on our Muddy Matches Dating Advice blog. Happy dating!