Writing A Muddy Matches Dating Profile That Is Really ‘You’

Monday, February 17th, 2020

Writing A Muddy Matches Dating Profile That Is Really 'You'

Where do you start when it comes to writing your online dating profile? We know that staring at a blank page can make you have a mind blank so today’s Muddy Matches dating advice blog is full of hints and tips to help you write an online dating profile that is truly, authentically you.

If you like, think about your dating profile in terms of online shopping. Just like when you’re buying something online and want a genuine, trustworthy description of that item, potential countryside matches need to know that what they’re reading about you is actually true. When you write an authentic dating profile, that is you through and through, you’ll attract the right countryside matches for you – those who are interested and connect with the real you and not an online persona. And, when you take your dating up a notch from online messaging to meeting in real life, you need to know that they, and you, are as your online dating profiles suggest. So, here’s how!

1. Online dating photos

We know that Muddy Matches online dating profiles with profile pictures get a lot more click-throughs than those without. So, to increase the number of rural singles who read your profile and get in touch, it’s well worth uploading a set of profile pictures and choosing them with care. Make sure that they show you at your best, doing what you love to do. So, if you’re a keen countryside walker, get one of you out and about on a hike. Or, if farming is your life, why not choose a shot of you hard at work? Try to make sure you also get some which shows you smiling, make sure that they are all recent and try to keep them natural and unfiltered. For some more advice about taking your personal dating profile photos, take a look here.

2. Writing your profile

Here’s the tricky part – writing your personal bio. If you are really struggling we suggest getting a friend or two in to help you write about you and your countryside life but, if you want to go it alone, here are our tips. Firstly, imagine that you’re talking to a friend and make your writing light-hearted and flowing. Try to describe who you are, what you love to do and the kind of person you’d like to meet, as well as the sort of relationship you’d love to have. Avoid cliches and awkward jokes, and write from the heart. We have more tips about writing a fantastic online dating profile here.

3. Select your countryside interests, likes and personal info

What’s the point of adding inches on to your height when you might end up meeting other rural singles on a first date. Always be honest in your personal description, when selecting your countryside interests and other personal info.

4. Be specific about what you’d like from a relationship

It’s good to start off a relationship with other countryside singles when you both know where you stand. So, in your online dating profile, why not be exact. If you’re looking for marriage and children, go ahead and say so. Or, if you’re looking for companionship, be clear about that too. That way, other Muddy Matches who view your online dating profile know exactly what you want and can judge whether their life goals and values align with yours.