Dating Profile Cliches + How To Avoid Them

Friday, December 27th, 2019

Dating Profile Cliches + How To Avoid Them

So, you’ve taken the first step and signed up for online dating with our countryside dating site Muddy Matches. Well done! The first step is often the hardest, but now comes the tricky question of writing your country dating profile. If you’re not too sure what to say it’s very easy to slip in to time-worn phrases, but stop right there. Do they really say who *you*, the gorgeous, country-loving, anybody-would-be-lucky-to-have-you single that you are?

Here are our top Muddy Matches tips to help you to avoid the common dating clich├ęs and find your #MuddyEverAfter.

“I like the countryside and being outdoors”

Yeah, you do! That’s why you’ve chosen to date online with Muddy Matches and look for love in the countryside. But is that really going to make you stand out from the 1000s of other rural singles on our countryside dating site? Try to be a little more creative and be specific to let your personality shine through. What makes your heart sing when you are out and about in the countryside? What rural activities or sports are part of your everyday life? Is somewhere in particular really special to you? Getting enthusiastic will let other country daters get a lovely taste for who you are and what makes you special.

“I’m not sure what to write”

You’ll be surprised how many dating profiles we see that start with this phrase. Do you want to be part of the herd? Before you type that, stop, think and then try to sum yourself up in one sentence that will catch the eye of other country singles and make them want to read on and find out more about you. If you like, think about it being like your own personal love-life tag line. How about: “I may be an architect by day but at weekends I’m happiest hiking across the countryside, dogs at my heels, before a long, lazy lunch by the pub fire”?

“I like spending time with my friends and family”

Well so do we, but so do 1000s of others. Again, be creative and say what types of things you do when you hang out. Do you go for long, country walks? Do you shoot together? Are you a member of a club? You’re trying to give other Muddy daters a taste for who you are so add as much detail as you can.

“I’m still stuck for words”

Then it’s time to call in the big guns and get your friends involved. They may know you better than yourself, so get them round to craft your Muddy Matches dating profile together. They’ll be able to see all your qualities and identify outdoorsy pursuits that you might not think worth mentioning. Give it a try; we’ll guarantee you’ll have fun.