Dating On A Budget

Friday, August 16th, 2019

Dating On A Budget

If money is tight but you want to enjoy a memorable date with your Muddy Match then we are here to help. Today we’ve gathered our favourite easy, fun and inventive ideas for country dating that will impress any rural single. You’ll also get the chance to show off show off, just a little, too.

1. Make a firepit

You can truly earn your Muddy credentials (Have you taken our Muddy Matches ‘How Muddy Are You” quiz yet?) with this date idea, perfect for when the summer nights are drawing in. Channel your inner Bear Grylls and gather your kindling and firewood before constructing a firepit or bonfire in your back garden. You’ll stay cosy warm on your date, show off your survival skills, and what could be more romantic than gazing in to the flames together? Marshmallows are always a good idea.

2. Summer walks

Ok, we know it’s a no-brainer but heading out in to the country is relaxing, good for the soul and a fantastic way to chat and get to know each other leisurely. Do your research, make sure you don’t go anywhere too lonely and that you’ve packed the right clothes and shoes. Stop off at a pub for a quick drink for more brownie points.

3. Pick your own

Heading out to the pick your own fields is a lot cheaper than buying fresh berries in the supermarket, and you can really make an event of it. You can chat and relax whilst picking more blackberries, raspberries and blackcurrants than you can consume then head home to make something delicious using your store-cupboard ingredients.

4. At home obstacle course

Bear with us… this date idea will have you laughing and reverting to your five year old joyous selves. Pick a hot day then construct your obstacle course in your garden or the local park. The quickest to complete the challenges wind. We like to include; a cycling course, crawling under the blanket, boules, jumping challenges and balancing. Childish but oh so much fun.

5. Board games night

An excellent idea if the weather has turned and it’s not quite so warm outside. Find out your date’s favourite board game and borrow from a friend, then hunker down for a cosy night in.

6. Country fairs and village fetes

Often free to enter, going to a country fair or village fete is a super-relaxing date idea with plenty to see and do. you don’t even need to spend much, as you’re free to take in your own refreshments. You can show off your knowledge with the countryside stands too.

7. Antique hunting

While away a lazy Saturday afternoon searching for antiques in your local town. Even if you don’t buy anything, you can have fun seeing what’s on offer. To add a purposeful spin, set a few challenges; most hideous ceramic, full set of glassware and ‘guess the object’ to name a few.

8. Upcycle something

Kill two birds with one stone; have a date whilst getting around to a job that’s been on your to-do list for a while. If you’ve got a piece of furniture that you’ve been meaning to make-over, enlist the help of your date and get creative together. Search online for beautiful ways to upcycle your chosen piece, then spend the day together achieving your vision.