Ten August Date Ideas For Countryside Lovers

Friday, August 02nd, 2019

10 August Date Ideas For Countryside Lovers

With the August weather hopefully blessing us with sunny and dry weather, the great outdoors calls for all of your countryside lovers looking to date this month. We’ve rounded up our favourite ideas for August dates, to help you make the most of the dreamy summer days.

1. Beach date

If you’re lucky enough to live by the beach (did you know that there are over 7,700 miles of coastline in the UK?), a seaside date is top of the list. Picture yourselves sauntering along the shoreline, dipping your toes in to the sea and finding shells and stones. Romantic, no? Even better, you can indulge in a salty tray of fish and chips, a rich and creamy ice-cream or even a pot of pickled eels. And a sunset over the sea is love in a moment.

2. Midnight picnic

Hark back to your childhood with a trip back in time and a midnight feast. This is definitely a date idea if you have been seeing each other for a while… pack up your favourite treats (anything goes – it’s a feast after all!) and drinks, grab some warm blankets and a picnic rug and you’ve got all the ingredients for a magical night watching the stars.

3. PYO

The summer harvest is ready and waiting for you to take your pick – sweet strawberries, juicy raspberries, tart gooseberries, succulent blackberries… delicious! Fill your punnets then head home to show off your culinary prowess and bake up a storm.

4. Splashing around in the sun

No need to head overseas for your next outdoor swimming session. Head to your local lido and soak up the sun. There’s a lovely list here.

5. Boardgames

Ok, we admit it. The weather in the UK doesn’t always play ball meaning that your date might turn in to a wash out. A board game date is a great back-up plan though. Fire up the hob to make steaming cups of hot chocolate then settle down with your favourite games… Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly are all firm favourites.

6. Dance class

Another rainy day date idea. What could be more fun than learning to dance together? Dancing is a big craze at the moment, with classes ranging from ballroom dancing to jazz, Lindy hop to Ceroc, popping up all over the place. Going with someone else is always fun too (though dance classes are also a fantastic place to meet other singles) and you get the bonus of being able to practise together out of class.

7. Day trip date

Thought day trips were for the older guys? Think again. Got a pace in mind that you’ve always wanted to visit? Now’s the time! Whether it’s a National Trust property or National Park, local historic town or quirky village, heading there with a date can make you see somewhere with new eyes. Do some research in advance to find out where to park, where to go and the best places to eat and you’re on to a winner.

8. Barbecue date

Firing up the BBQ and inviting your date around is a super way to relax and chill together whist the weather is fine. If the time is right, and your date is willing, it’s also a great opportunity to introduce your date to your friends and family. I mean, sun, garden, great food, drinks and a relaxed vibe… what could be better?

9. Outdoor yoga

The benefits of yoga are well known and around the country, more and more outdoor yoga classes are popping up in the summer. Often held in the early morning, you can meet for an energising and balancing yoga session before chatting over brunch and coffee. Bliss.

10. Wine tasting

Did you know that the UK has 502 commercial vineyards? Many of them offer tours, tasting and lunch too, so if wine is your thing then book in for one with your date. Buying a couple of bottles whilst you’re there too will help you to relive the memories long after the day itself, too. Just make sure you don’t drink and drive.