Dinner Date Success

Tuesday, June 04th, 2019

Dinner Date Success

At Muddy Matches we love to help countryside singles have great dates and find love. Today’s blog is all about helping you make an impact when it’s time to host a dinner date at home.

Remember, we always recommend meeting in safe places for the first few dates for your own safety but after a while you may feel comfortable and confident enough to cook for a date at home. These easy life hacks will make it easy for you to plan, prepare and host a date at home that’s super-relaxed and super-fun.

Tidy up

The state of your house says a lot about you. Before you even think about getting started on cooking a slap-up meal for your Muddy Match, make sure that your house is clean and tidy – or, at least, the areas that your date is going to see. Don’t forget to hide those embarrassing baby photos and any items you’d prefer your date not to discover!

Create the right atmosphere

Nothing says romance more than flickering candle-light and soft music playing gently. It’s definitely worth taking the time to create a calm and romantic atmosphere, especially if you want your date to see another side of you. Time to hunt out the best china, replenish the tea-lights and sort out the play list.

Give directions

Nobody likes getting lost so, whether your date is driving, taking a taxi or getting the bus or train, make sure you’ve given them clear instructions about where you actually live. if you live down a mile=long track, then try to make sure it’s lit, or there are signs. Also, we recommend that he or she lets someone know where they are going, just for their safety and peace of mind.

Prep in advance

Believe us, things always take long than you think they will. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to prepare the house, cook the food AND have a shower, dress well and sort out your hair. There’s nothing worse than your date arriving before you or your food are ready.

Be welcoming

Let your date know how happy you are to have them with you by opening the door with a big smile on your face. Remember to take their coat or jacket and hang it somewhere clean (not cluttered with muddy boots or horse tack), invite them in and offer them a drink – make sure alcoholic and non-alcoholic choices are available. Ask them if they are comfortable, and then start to chat about their day to help put them at ease.

Feasting food

When it comes to choosing what food to make, we love dishes that you can prepare in advance and whip out with minimal fuss for a great impact. It’s always a good idea to check in advance about their dietary preferences to avoid any embarrassing situations. We love these sharing platter starters from Good Food (assemble in advance and place on the table ready to dig in) followed by an easy-to-cook one-pot then a decadent dessert. These Jamie Oliver recipes are guaranteed to impress, and we have some more simple ideas on our recipe blog here.

Time to say goodbye

What happens next is up to you but please, always make it clear that your date is under no obligation to stay, and that organising a lift home is no problem.