Get Back Into Dating This Spring

Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

Get Back Into Dating This Spring

Life gets busy and sometimes dating can slip off your radar as you juggle family, friends, work and life. May is a wonderful season to get your dating life off to a fresh start – whether you’ve got some spare time to dedicate or if you’re coming back to dating after a break-up. Here are our top Muddy Matches tips for springing forth in to dating, just like a lamb leaping in the sunshine.

Work out what you want

Just as going food shopping without a list isn’t a good idea, heading into dating without being sure about what you want isn’t a recipe for success. Ask yourself whether you are looking for a full-on, committed relationship and a life partner, or are you looking for friendship and flirting and someone to spend time with more causally? Having a vague idea will help you meet the right people for you, and will help you refine your search when you’re fresh to online dating.

Move on from your past, but reflect on all that you’ve learnt

Have a good long think about your past relationships. What worked well, and what didn’t? Being in tune with your past experiences and learning from them puts you in a great relationship to meet the right person for you. Why? Well you’ll be able to better interpret signs and signals from the people you date, and get a feeling for things going well.

Don’t be afraid to date more than one person at once

One of the many perks of online dating is that is puts you in touch with so many people who share your love of the countryside life. You may want to date one at a time, but what if the right person for you meets someone else? Be open to going on a couple of dates a week with different people to give yourself the best chance to meet your own Muddy Match. Remember, though, to save some evenings for you-time.

Build up your self-confidence

If you’ve been out of the dating scene for a while, then taking the first step back in can be nerve-wracking. We have your back! take a look here at Seven Tips For Dating With Confidence, or if you’re worried about conversation drying up then we have lots of ideas for First Date Conversation Starters that will keep you chatting all night long.