Five Outdoorsy Date Ideas For May

Monday, May 13th, 2019

Five Outdoorsy Date Ideas For May

Hands up if you don’t want your dates to be a let-down? Yep, we thought so! Want to break the ‘dinner date’ mould and make your second date truly memorable? Here at Muddy Matches we’ve put together our favourite ideas for second dates that are fun, outdoorsy and help you collect memories as a countryside couple.

1. Explore the UK’s National Parks

This year we’re celebrating 75 years of National Parks, so what better way to find out more about them than to discover yourself? There are 15 National Parks across England, Scotland and Wales – so you’re never too dar away from a very special place of beauty. Get more details on the National Parks website here.

2. Outdoor concertsmark

With spring here and summer on the horizon, an evening outdoors is a great way to get some fresh air and listen to your favourite artists too. The wonderful, immersive atmosphere make for a surprisingly romantic date, despite the hoards of people surrounding you. Good music, excellent truck food, the sun setting, hours of singing and dancing… perfect.

3. Explore a garden

Thought gardens were for old people? Think again! If you’re a country-loving person, and your own garden is your pride and joy, then visiting a show garden or even someone else’s (as part of the National Garden Scheme) is a pure joy. With lots to talk about too, and the soothing, calming effect of green space and beautiful blooms, this is a sure-fire winner of a date idea for spring.

4. Explore a farmer’s market and have a picnic

If you’re a devotee of the country life then you’ll know how important it is to support the local rural economy. And with the promise of some deliciously fresh food and drink, what better idea for a date? Spend a lazy Saturday morning together hand-in-hand, browsing the fresh produce of a farmer’s market. We love to head there with the aim of picking up some local goods for a picnic – bread, local cheese, freshly-squeezed juice, seasonal vegetables, a bottle of wine. Don’t forget to pack your picnic bag to enjoy the spoils afterwards. Take a look at FARMA to find your local market.

5. Take a boat trip

At Muddy Matches we love life on the water as much as we do in the countryside! With so many lakes, canals and rivers, not to mention the beautiful coastline, there is so much choice for a boat trip date. Have a look online to find your local, and often incredibly picturesque, boat and ferry rides on the sea and on the lake. Choose your trip, collect your date, buy your tickets then sail away in to the sunset…. Just. So. Romantic.