Should You Give Your Date A Gift? The Muddy Matches Guide

Sunday, March 31st, 2019

Should You Give Your Date A Gift? The Muddy Matches Guide.

To gift or not to gift – that is the question? Whether you’re about to meet someone for a first date or are seeing them on a more regular basis, the question of gifting can be quite tricky. Is taking a bunch of flowers is a bit over the top or old-fashioned, or is it super-romantic and thoughtful? Whatever you think, the team at Funky Pigeon have put together this fun, interactive tool to help you find out which of you is the most likely to give a gift – check it out here and let us know how you rank!

In the meantime, we’ve taken a closer look at some different scenarios to help you decide whether giving a gift is appropriate. Do you agree?

First Date

We always advise that people meet in a public place for a first date; a park, a bar, a restaurant, an activity centre, and so taking along a bouquet of flowers might not be practical. Also, consider who your date is. If it’s your first meeting how do you even know that they care for flowers? We prefer it when people show thought in different ways – from opening the door for you, asking relevant questions and actually listening to answers, to discussing with you before ordering wine and checking that you have got home ok.

The Non-Floral Gift

So, what about when you want to give your date a little something but they aren’t keen on floral gifts? We suggest the non-floral gift, and something that will demonstrate your thoughtfulness and interest in them. Pick up on thing that you’ve learnt about your date. Do they love gardening? Are they into craft beer? Are they a chocoholic or do they love fancy hand cream? Think about conversations you’ve had together to choose something lovely, and remember to wrap it nicely!

A Date At Home

Think about this situation as if you were visiting a friend. If they had offered to cook for you, you’d naturally take a gift along, so this should be no different. By this point you’ll know your date a little bit better, so will know something about their tastes, allowing you to choose a gift more wisely.

The Long-Termers

Your relationship is going well, and you’ve decided to be ‘exclusive’ and come off online dating sites like Muddy Matches. Wonderful news! Don’t take this as a reason to become complacent. Regular gifts probably aren’t necessary, but it’s still a gorgeous gesture to surprise your partner now and then. Again, think about their interests and needs, and choose accordingly.