Winter Date Clothing

Tuesday, November 08th, 2016

iceIn the (much quoted) words of George R.R. Martin “winter is coming” and it’s time to start thinking about how to look your best for your new date, while being dressed appropriately for the weather.

Check the forecast

We understand that asking outdoorsy people (especially farmers) to check the weather forecast is like telling a dog to eat a sausage, but for those who don’t check up on it every hour, now is the time to start.

One day you might just need to wear a jumper, but on other days you’ll need a coat, gloves, scarf and hat just to walk across the road.

Shivering, or sweating on your first date will just add to the nerves.

Blue is not the new black

A first date may traditionally call for a slinky black dress and heels, but it’s rather tricky to navigate an unseasonable sprinkling of snow when you are wearing stilettos and there is the danger of turning blue if you are not wrapped up warm. Instead of turning blue in the cold, you can keep the sexy look, but add tights and a warm jacket, or cardigan.

For men, it’s easy to add a nice cuddly jumper to make an outfit more weather appropriate. Just try to avoid wearing a yellow checked scarf with a red jumper, unless you enjoy the Rupert Bear look.

Take a taxi

If you really want to dress up without wearing more wool than a sheep, you could always take a taxi from door-to-door. The only problem is the vast expense of having a taxi dispatched from the nearest town if you live in the middle of nowhere.