There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Date

Friday, January 09th, 2015

dog smilingYou’ve just got back from a date with someone who you found to be about as attractive as a mouldy sandwich, but all is not lost. There’s no such thing as a bad date in the grand scheme of things, even bad dates have their positive aspects.

Practice makes perfect

Every date you go on will make you more relaxed about the whole process and will get you used to talking to strangers. Think of a bad date as a rehearsal for when you meet someone you really do like!

You’ve got something funny to talk about

Often bad dates make for amusing stories. Although it’s not a good idea to talk endlessly about previous dates, the topic is likely to come up when you meet up with people. If you’ve had a few comedy experiences, you’ll have common ground to discuss with future dates.

It might make you rethink your ‘type’

A lot of people have a type, which is usually based on a physical attribute. If all of your bad dates fit your ‘type’, you might think about dating people who don’t fit the mould.

It will help you to realise how wonderful the right person really is

When you finally meet the right person, they will seem even better if you’ve had a few bad dates prior to meeting them.

You’ve got material for a comedy routine

If all else fails, you’ll have some fantastic material for a stand up comedy routine!

Whatever you do, don’t let a bad date put you off looking for love. Your perfect match may well be the next person that you meet or it may be the 21st person that you meet.