Rainy Day Date Essentials

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

Close up of black umbrella in the rain.Let’s face it, rainy days and autumn go together like birds of a feather, so if you’re planning to meet up with your ‘muddy match’ it’s best to plan for a downpour.

Plan a meeting point according to the weather

You can’t always plan for wet weather, but it’s a good idea to try. Take a look at the weather forecast before picking somewhere to meet.

Remember that you don’t need to pick somewhere indoors if the activity won’t be affected by the weather, or if you’re both happy with a muddy boots experience.

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Dress appropriately

If you’re driving to a pub or café for your first date, you might think that it’s not worth packing a raincoat or sensible shoes, but you never know if you’re going to find a parking space nearby or not. You may also fancy going for a walk or on to somewhere else that requires suitable footwear.

If you’re planning to spend time outside, put on your smartest boots and nicest rain coat on and make sure that they’re clean. Boots work that morning at the stables or on the farm is not a good look for a first date,

Plan your journey well

Make sure that you know where you’re going in advance and leave extra time if you’re traveling by car or bus as traffic moves slowly in the rain.

If you’re going by train, it’s worth noting down the number of a taxi company if it’s pouring down and you don’t fancy wearing wet weather gear on your date.

If all else fails – make like the cheesy song and grab a Pina Colada while enjoying getting caught in the rain. Make sure that your date is a fan of pop hits as well; otherwise you’ll look ever so slightly peculiar!