Tips for a First Date at the CLA Game Fair

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

Woman in a blue top and yellow ear defendersIt’s that time of year again – the CLA Game Fair is on this weekend and thousands of Muddy Matches members will be flocking to the event for a great day, or even weekend out.

It’s also a great place to meet for a first date, as there’s so much to do you won’t be stuck for conversation.

Securing a date for the event

If you’d like to meet new people at the CLA Game Fair, you could add your name to our Who’s Going? list for the event.

It’s also a great ice-breaker if you see someone you like on the list, as you can see if they fancy meeting up at the event.

Where to meet up

The CLA Game Fair is huge, so it’s not a good idea to arrange a specific meeting point so that you’re not searching around for hours, shouting “I’m next to a stand selling wellies, no, not that one” into your mobile phone.

What to wear

The standard advice of ‘the best version of you’ applies to this as much as anything else, however practicality is also important! You don’t want to have to hobble around in your best high heels or dress shoes all day.

Check the weather before you head out to make sure you are dressed for downpours or blistering sunshine (or as past experience proves both).  In fact just to be safe, pack – suntan lotion, sunglasses, wellies, rain coat, umbrella, water…

Ending your date

Meeting for the first time can be quite an overwhelming experience, so you might wish to meet for a brief date, before joining up with friends or family members. Arrange to meet up with other people at a certain time so that you have an exit plan.

If things are going so well that you don’t want to be separated already, you can always let your friends or family know that you’re keen to spend more time getting to know each other.

Whatever you do – have a fantastic time! We’d love to see your happy photos from the event on Facebook or Twitter!