Online Dating Clichés and How to Avoid Them

Friday, July 11th, 2014

Man in ted raincoat, hiking bag and grey shorts and brown boots walking through trees.With more people than ever before joining online dating websites, it’s important to make your profile unique and personal to you. This means avoiding dating clichés!

Here are some of the most common clichés and suggestions for alternatives.

“I like going out or staying in” – Instead of using this popular, yet generic term, let people know where you like going out and what you enjoy doing when you are relaxing at home. Talk about the last gig you really enjoyed or the amazing exhibition that you saw, or even the ‘going out’ experience that you found really disappointing.

Explain whether you like to be glued to a thriller in your downtime, or would rather do DIY while listening to The Archers.

“I like going to the pub” – Instead of saying this, try to set the scene, as it can help a potential date to picture spending time with you at the pub.

For example, you could say: “I can’t resist a Sunday roast at my local with homemade horseradish sauce and gravy, served with a glass of real ale (lager just won’t cut the mustard). I’ve tried a few post-match roasts with my rugby team and it’s definitely the best.”

“I enjoy a bottle of wine and a DVD” – Yes, most people do, so it’s important to be more specific. Are you addicted to Game of Thrones or would you prefer to watch classic comedies like Only Fools and Horses? Would you rather drink a cheap plonk or save up for a more expensive bottle as a treat? Are you usually joined on the sofa by your best friends, your family or a housemate?

By giving specifics, people can use the details to say what they have in common with you.

“I like doing normal things” – Everyone’s perception of normal is different (you’ll find that when you join another family for Christmas dinner), so it’s important to be more specific.

“I enjoy long walks” – Are you a fair weather walker or a fan of stomping through muddy puddles? Do you have any funny stories about your walks or have you seen any amazing views on your adventures?

So, in essence, the key is personalise the popular phrases and to make them your own.