Flick & Ben marry after pheasant feeder proposal

Thursday, March 24th, 2022

My gamekeeping muddy match hid champagne in a pheasant feeder, then proposed when I found it!

A animal behaviour expert from Crewe has married her gamekeeper of a muddy match three years after meeting online whilst country-life dating – and after the muddiest of proposals.

90% muddy Ben caught the roving eye of zoologist Flick in February 2019, when his profile photos of him ‘shooting with his dogs’ tempted her to favourite him, and fire off a message.

It was the start of a deep-rooted countryside connection that led a recent rural, country house wedding, three years on, in which they became the latest muddy matches-inspired Mr and Mrs, last month.

“Ben and I got married in February 2022, at the stunning Ashes Barns in Endon in the Staffordshire countryside,” Flick tells us, in the glow only newlyweds have.

It was always likely to be a rustic, rural country celebration after such a muddy proposal!

“Ben hid a bottle of champagne in a pheasant feed,” Flick adds. “When we walked the grounds checking each feeder, he asked me to check that particular feeder. I opened it and saw two glasses and a bottle of champagne.

“When I turned around, he was on one knee with the ring box open.”

Flick and Ben’s rural romance, even as country singles, has been scattered with muddy touches.

Even their first IRL meet – their first date as such – was held off until after the game shooting season had ended. Not that either minded.

“We met at Keele University for a walk around the grounds. I arrived with my 60kg Anatolian shepherd dog in tow… just in case!” Flick quips.

“My advice to other mud lovers is always ‘take a large dog on your first date 😉. Then let your female date drive the quad bike on the second date.”

There is a certainly a playfulness to Flick, but the country couple have serious upcoming aspirations; to lay down some roots.

“Getting a house tops our next priorities,” Flick, who says they were inspired to online date with Muddy Matches as “living in the countryside both of us found it hard to meet new people,” confirms.

“I also want to have a large pack of hunting dogs and then to get Ben on a horse.”

It’s a bucket list, here at Muddy Matches HQ, we can certainly relate to.

Wedding photos credit and copyright to The Kensington Photographer | thekensingtonphotographer.co.uk

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