How matching led to a marriage made in mud

Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Shropshire-born mud lovers Joe and Chloe match, message then marry whilst country life dating (even despite his late replies).

A marriage made in mud!

That’s how recently married, Muddy Matched #countrycouple Joe and Chloe affectionately describe their relationship after their well lived in country credentials helped unearth a soulmate whilst country life dating.

Joe, an 80% muddy agricultural contractor connected with swine-specialist vet Chloe on Muddy Matches in March 2017. After a mutual favouriting of profiles, the pair bonded over a lifestyle spent knee deep in wellies, a shared interest in county shows and an in-depth working knowledge of the local pubs in and around the Shropshire Hills.

And following a steady message exchange back and forth for just over 10 days, they agreed to a real life meet in a local pub  – from there on the relationship bloomed.

“I’m usually quite picky and selective when it comes to who I click on but Joe’s profile stood out in my search results,” Chloe tells us. “He had listed loads of hobbies and interests and had quite a few photos to browse through.  I got a good sense of what he was about from his photos.”

“I just thought we would get along, so I dropped him a message to see what would happen from there. It took him a few days to reply and even then I was the one who suggested we met for a drink.”

The pair eventually settled on a meal at the Raglett Inn. “It was a good first date. Worth the wait.” Chloe added.

For Chloe, making the first move on Muddy Matches wasn’t something she was particularly used to. Her profile typically attracted a bit of attention. It asked a lot of questions and got a lot or replies!

“I just think these farmer men like a vet” she laughs, shaking off the fact that over 400 messages had landed in her inbox from various potential suitors. 

“It’s quite flattering you know.  But maybe they see it as a way of getting cheaper vet bills. Anyway, once Joe had replied and we got talking I thought I’d put my effort into seeing what could happen with him.  I regularly remind him that he took ages to reply and I had other offers!”

What indeed did happen could be described as a bit of whirlwind. Joe and Chloe soon found themselves in a proper, exclusive relationship and things progressed nicely.

“Joe proposed in October 2018, 18 months after we met online. Nothing fancy but of course I said yes. I didn’t give him a chance to change his mind.”

The pair also had a relatively low key wedding with close friends and family with some subtle countryside touches. I read some of the wedding stories from other Muddy Matches couples and they are always quite themed but we didn’t have any pigs or tractors or anything particularly muddy at the ceremony or reception.

“Just a local church service and a nice country house reception near to where we live. It was an amazing day.

As for their advice to others looking for love on Muddy Matches? “Be patient.”

Chloe suggests. “It’s easy to get down when someone doesn’t reply immediately but it doesn’t mean they won’t. Give people a little more time, and don’t always think the worst, especially if its someone who ticks a lot of what you are looking for.”

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