“I felt empowered and in control on Muddy Matches”

Thursday, February 18th, 2021

AnnabelNewly separated singleton finds ‘life’s next chapter’ in a country life dating experience that restores her self esteem

A divorcee-turned-farmers fiancée from West Wales has said she felt ‘empowered and in control’ whilst online dating with Muddy Matches, the original home of farmer love in the UK.

And she is delighted the nation’s leading countryside dating site has helped restore her confidence, unlock her self esteem and establish a new life at a pace she was totally comfortable with.

As a well travelled, well read 48-year-old, Annabel who grew up in the Peak District and now resides with6 her muddy match on an arable farm in North Wales, came out of a long term marriage in 2017.

After gentle persuasion from her brother who told her she ‘wasn’t a nun’, and following 18 months of readjustment to life as a single mum and reassessing what she wanted from life, Annabel took her first steps into online dating, keen to move on and find a new happy place.

After some consideration, the animal lover and enthusiastic camper/walker chose Muddy Matches as a natural fit for her lifestyle, outlook on life, passions and future aspirations.

“I was looking for the next chapter of my life.” Annabel tells us. “I am not into fake tan, lashes and handbags but I wanted to find someone like-minded who would share my interest in the countryside and relaxed living.

“I’d got a bucket list of things I’d like to do and achieve, but thought it would be nice to do them with someone. So I googled ‘ dating for countryside lovers ‘ and Muddy Matches was top of the list,”

She joined up with few expectations but an open mind and a wholeheartedness to give it a go.

“For my first foray into online dating, I felt empowered and in control. It appeared simple, honest, friendly and approachable.”

This will be music to our ears at Muddy Matches; who, through traditional values and a human touch to customer care, put extra care, attention, time and effort into ensuring the wellbeing, comfort and confidence of those who opt to online date.

Annabel also found the website attracted a different calibre of dater, many of whom were coming out of relationships or looking for a different direction in life.

“There were some intelligent folk on there. I also desperately wanted to avoid usual websites and apps where I might have seen people that knew me. I didn’t want to be spotted. I wanted the privacy to be able to start a new life.”

Within days of joining, Annabel was attracting interest and engaged in fun, open and honest conversation with a number of men, before deciding that family farmer Roger was the one she would like to pursue things further with.

Her match Roger “looked at some other sites and felt it was like the frying pan into the fire.” His joining of Muddy Matches came from personal recommendation and word of mouth from someone who’d already found happiness from within the muddy ranks.

“My match is such a good, nice, kind and gentle type of guy. And super sexy.” Annabel adds.

Annabel and Roger are now engaged to get married.
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