Love unearthed in a lockdown blooms for Jade and Nick

Thursday, January 21st, 2021

Jade and Nick
Muddy Matchers bubble up to love farm life together just 6 weeks after meeting online in a lockdown.

“He was the most attractive man I’d laid eyes on. With his extremely green eyes and tattoos, Nick instantly got my attention.” What came next was locked down, late night tractor rides where sparks flew between the fit farmer and former equestrian; the muckiness knowing no bounds as they ‘climbed a silage clamp’ together.

It reads something like an opening line in a romantic, some may steamy, novel. Whilst we are getting Jilly Cooper vibes aplenty (which on later inspection, proved rather misplaced), Somerset-born ‘country girl through and through’ Jade is gushing about her agricultural muddy match; the arable and beef farmer who she snared whilst looking for love in a lockdown.

“We connected on the 1st August 2020 and I actually took the plunge and message Nick first.” She tells us.

Two weeks later, they met for a first date at The Crystal Palace in Bath; a lovely meal, followed by a drink and an evening stroll through the city.

“I’ll always remember it. It was rather perfect! Just a week later, Nick asked me to be his girlfriend and I thought he was joking at first! But I said yes and we haven’t looked back since!

“We are now living together on a farm in Wiltshire and bought ourselves a puppy to start the family off.”

When it comes finding love – and letting it blossom- whilst in the midst of a global pandemic and all the restrictions that brings, property manager Jade and arable farmer Nick have certainly made the most of the downtime.

“We met during the lockdown but it was when things had opened up a bit more so we were lucky enough to go on a few dates.” Jade tells us. “Our connection truly bloomed when we were spending our evenings together in the tractor and combine harvester.

“We really got to know each other and laughed so much. It was wonderful.”

Then, with speculation abound of another lockdown on the horizon, Jade and Nick took drastic action; choosing to bubble up together for the first time less than two months after meeting for a first real life meet.

“When whispers started about a new lockdown being enforced back in October, we knew we couldn’t be apart,” Jade adds. “So we made the decision that I would move in. It has been perfect so far!”

It was a bold decision; and one that, we hear, has become common in many new relationships that have formed since the first lockdown in March.

The pair say the next thing on their country life bucket list together is ‘actually buy ourselves a smallholding’. They are now actively looking with rural aspiration to secure somewhere this year.

Nick’s New Year resolution is ‘less work, more play” but as many of our farm loving members tell us that is so often easier said than done in reality.

“We hope that in 2021 we can move into our new house with our fur baby and pray we can have our first holiday together! We also want to save as much as we can for our future; not just the new house but hopefully, over time, a wedding!”

A wedding huh? We will watch this space.

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