“He invited me to a hunt ball and we never looked back”

Monday, January 18th, 2021

Anne and Joe

Anne and Joe build a new life in the country together after bonding over a mutual love of horses and hunt balls on Muddy Matches

A dairy farmer’s daughter from Wales believes she has landed her ‘dream’ country life after finding rural romance whilst online dating with Muddy Matches.

34-year-old harp playing, land agent Anne from Builth Wells in Powys, who comes as a package with a long legged Jack Russell, joined the country life dating website on the recommendation of a friend in the hope of unearthing her soulmate with traditional values.

It turned out to be a clever move. After ‘a few dodgy dates’ she muddy matched with Joe, Bristol-based ‘country lad at heart’ from farming stock – in March 2015.

The pair immediately connected over a shared love of point-to-point racing, horses and hunt balls as their country credential and interests found mutual appreciation.

“We seemed like we had a lot in common and similar goals”, Anne tells us when quizzed on what first attracted her to Joe’s profile.

“We’re both farmers children and actively involved growing up wo farming and rural life are a huge part of my life. They do say you marry someone like your Dad ?

“He also had nice pictures and he wasn’t too far away.”

That initial interest led to series of dates; a first real life meet was over Sunday lunch in a country pub followed by a dog walk. This was quickly followed by a day at the point-to-point racing; another shared interest.

Then, just as the chemistry was blooming, a prolonged pause in the flurry of countryside dates was to tell Anne and Joe more about where their rural relationship was heading.

“I went to New York to visit my cousin for 3 weeks,” Anne adds. “On my return Joe invited me to a hunt ball and we never looked back.”

Now the pair are 3 years married with an 18 month old to keep them busy, having moved north to live on a small holding in Northumberland.

It was a 240 mile move that was on top of Anne’ country life bucket list and someone that Joe had also hoped for long term. His profile had mentioned ‘finding someone to settle down and return to country life with.”

Asked if Anne believes it’s the dream country life, she replies ‘I think we have found it.”

“It’s a small holding with some woods for Joe and enough space for a pony and some poultry. Previously, I have had a horse and a few sheep from time to time.

“At the moment, we are about to start a refurbishment project on the house as it needs a 1980s facelift. Thankfully, Joe is pretty handy with a chainsaw!”

And as for whether she would recommend Muddy Matches to others looking for someone handy with a chainsaw with a penchant for life out in the sticks? Anne doesn’t even hesitate.

“People seem genuine about finding a partner and have similar hobbies and values. I go there in the end, so yes, I would.”