“I married my Muddy Match on my 50th birthday”

Monday, January 11th, 2021

Joanne CarlinTurning 50 is a big deal at the best of times – let alone when you marry the new love of your life, unearthed online, after divorce.

Life may well begin at 40 – as the old saying leads you to believe – but for one Muddy Matches’ outdoor-loving singleton, turning 50 turned out to be the landmark birthday that marked an exciting new chapter for her in both life and love.

We have received a lovely unprompted testimonial of online dating success with us from Joanne, who has tied the knot to her Muddy Match on her 50th birthday.

In a welcome five star review on independent review website, FreeIndex, birthday bride Joanne tells us that she joined Muddy Matches to give her love life a fresh new makeover and how, with the help of our country life dating website that favours matching based upon shared interests and lifestyle, was able to find just what she was looking for.

“I went on Muddy Matches after splitting up with my husband of 30 years” Joanne writes. “A friend recommended Muddy Matches.”

After some time exploring the many outdoor loving singletons both local to her and whom also shared her interests and passions, Joanne unearthed David – and the two clicked immediately.

“David was the first date I had been on. He was lovely and we started dating seriously straight away and, after 20 months we were married.

”We became husband and wife on my 50th birthday. I can’t rate Muddy Matches highly enough.”

As a divorcee who has rediscovered new love, Joanne is in good company. Since the start of lockdown in March, we have seen swathes of new faces join who are either coming out of relationships and looking for something new or ready to get back in the saddle of the dating ‘horse’ having separated or been divorced.

Those people looking for a second shot at proper love are very welcome at Muddy Matches, where they can take comfort, confidence and reassurance in our traditional values and focus on manners, courtesy and decency.