“I’m loving my new life with my livestock farmer!”

Thursday, November 12th, 2020

Nichola and JimMuddy Matches inspires northern soul Nichola to find love 180 miles away with livestock farmer Jim in Herefordshire

“It was love at first sight.”

That’s the lovestruck, feel good message that has landed with us during Lockdown 2 from Nichola and Jim, who found an instant connection whilst online dating with Muddy Matches 12 months ago.

Jim is a 90% muddy livestock farmer – and self-confessed ‘old fashioned romantic at heart’ – from rural Herefordshire. Nichola was 180 miles away, working as a kung-fu loving, horse riding nursing specialist in Lancashire – but they bridged the distance between them to make it work.

Now they are living proof that stretching your search parameters beyond the online dating norm, to unearth compatible, country people, is well worth it.

Rural romance, after all, does not sit and wait patiently at county borders nor does it know the meaning of ‘local’. In fact, as the adage goes; love conquers all – so 180 miles is, in the grand scheme of things, nothing to fear.
That definitely proved the case for Nichola and Jim.

“I added Jim as a favourite and a message from Jim soon arrived back” Nichola tells us from a socially acceptable distance. “We chatted for about 2 weeks before agreeing to meet halfway for a meal”

“We share a love of farming, animals and the countryside and I fully appreciate that Jim works extremely hard as a farmer so time off is scarce and precious.”

On route to their first real life meet, both Jim and Nichola were badly delayed due to roadworks, however, thankfully, they did eventually get to finally meet.

“It was love at first sight!” Nichola adds. “Since then we have been together at every possible opportunity.”

Now, the pair are living together, with Nichola having upped sticks in August to join Jim full time on the family farm.

“We have 5 children and 2 crazy dogs between us, and we are loving our new life together thanks to Muddy Matches.”

Everyone at Muddy Matches wishes Nichola and Jim a very happy, very muddy life together wherever the adventure takes them.