The 10-year tale of Jenny, Tim & black lab, Bailey

Thursday, May 14th, 2020

Jenny and Tim

It’s you, me, the dog and the horse… and we’re loving life together 10 years on.

There is many a reason that dogs fully deserve the title of ‘man’s best friend’; the companionship, the unconditional fun and love, the emotional support and, of course, all those mental and physical wellbeing benefits of walkies!

At Muddy Matches, the fondness for dogs knows no bounds and a love of all things canine is a shared trait many of our members look for. It is, after a general love of the great outdoors, one of our most talked about subjects in messages.

This is no truer than in the success story of Jenny, Tim and, of course, Bailey, their black Labrador. It is a triangle of muddy love in their ‘quiet little corner’ of Nottinghamshire on the edge of Sherwood Forest.

Jenny and Tim met on Muddy Matches over a decade ago and for all of that time Bailey has been a big part of that relationship. But even after 10 years of a blooming rural romance, three does not appear to be a crowd. In fact, Jenny suggests it is indeed, as the song goes, the ‘magic’ number.

“We love going to agricultural shows, country shows, horse events and general days out together,” Jenny tells us. “And Bailey is always included. We are planning for a break in Cornwall with Bailey when lockdown is over.”

“We walk him at the woods every day come rain or shine. We don’t live not too far from civilisation but it’s semi rural enough to be able to explore some fantastic places from our door step. This hasn’t stopped during lockdown – it’s the muddiest thing Tim and I do together,” Jenny adds.

Bailey is the epitome of ‘man’s best friend’ and he has seen life from the kennel change somewhat over those 10 years with Tim uprooting from Loughborough to move in with Jenny within 2 months of their first real life meet.

Although that ‘first meet’ took some time to materialise such is life out in the fields.
Tim is of genuine farming stock. In fact, despite first messaging in the June of 2009, Jenny and Tim did not meet in person for 10 weeks. “He was too busy during harvest” Jenny tells us. It is something we hear a lot in the summer months when it comes to finding time for matters of the heart.

But good things come to those that wait. After waiting 10 weeks to meet, the pair then quickly became inseparable. Their relationship moved on at pace.

“It wasn’t an ‘official’ thing. It just happened” Jenny adds. “We had one date in the September, then he was coming up to see me three times a week. He then moved in with me in November.”

It was quick work by the couple but when you know, you just know… right?

“When we met I had a retired horse and was looking for another” Jenny says, taking up the reins. “When I found one suitable, Tim brought him for me as he saw the joy it gave me.”
That shared sense of joy has been ever present ever since.

“We never argue. We are absolutely still loving life. We are not engaged or married but we are still very happy the way we are” Jenny beams. She certainly looks content – even whilst in lockdown where they work on farms, chill in the garden, do home improvements and then watch Netflix in the evenings.

We ask what first attracted Jenny to Tim on Muddy Matches. She is quick to answer.
“He looked a genuine guy and didn’t go OTT with his profile. I liked the look of him as he was different to my usual ‘type’ so I thought ‘why not?’

And that voyage into new territory has proved well worth it. “Tim is definitely my soul mate” she adds before thanking Muddy Matches again for bringing the pair together.

“I would say that if it wasn’t for Muddy Matches, there would have been no way that I would have found my best friend and the love of my life….I would have lost hope by now.”

She has the man, the country life, the horse and, of course, the dog.
We are just so pleased that Bailey approves!