Amy and Jonathan’s (waggy) tale of dog walks and dating

Thursday, November 21st, 2019

Amy and Jonathan

Sometimes a #MuddyEverAfter love story doesn’t have to take years in the making.

When you know, you just know… right? That instant flicker of chemistry, the natural flow of the chat, hand fits hand perfectly. It’s the foundation of every good rom com that leaves us with a feel good glow.

Well that was certainly the case for Amy, who simply could not wait to tell us about her new man, Jonathan, whom she met on Muddy Matches four months ago – even though she ‘wasn’t even really looking’.

You see, after unlucky in love experiences on a host of other online dating sites, Amy was “adamant there was no one out there” for her.

That’s where the beauty of Muddy Matches comes into its very own. As a niche dating site that brings together like minded people, our members already have a shared passion that they can ‘click’ together on; a pure and simple love of country life.

And that’s where Amy’s adventure got under way.

“Jokingly, my sister said I needed to find someone who loved wearing wellies as much as I do”, Amy told us, still refreshed from her first holiday exploring the Lake District together with her Muddy Match. “So when I joined Muddy Matches, she didn’t believe me that there was a site out there that matched you up with like minded outdoorsy people.”

Amy admits she hardly went on the site at first but with a little extra motivation, a bit of a stern talking to herself and a slight tinker with her search criteria, she was back in the game.

“I barely checked the site but one day I thought ‘give this a go Amy’ and I lowered my age range by a couple more years; and up popped Jonathan”.

She says her new fella ‘caught her eye’ as he ‘appeared to be tall, dark and handsome’, loved the outdoors lifestyle, can be shy at times and, crucially, shared her love of dogs.

“’As if he has a husky like I do’ I thought.” Amy added. “But he did; he had a waggy tailed dog just like mine.”

In fact, after exchanging a number of messages, when Jonathan broached the idea of meeting for a drink, Amy suggested a dog walk as their first real life meet and their fondness for each other bloomed with their pooches in tow.

“We met with our dogs on a beautiful summer evening and had a walk along the canal (yes, his dog jumped in; went in creme, came out green!) and we chatted for hours over a cider” she tells us.

“He was right up my street! Very good looking, gorgeous smile… turned up in his Land Rover (very outdoorsy!) and we had lots to talk about. He made me laugh and weirdly I felt so comfortable with him from the get go.

“I know its early days but we gelled quickly after a couple more dates. It feels like I’ve known him a lifetime – and it’s came out of nowhere. I get on well with his children, we’ve met others family and friends and our dogs love each other too.”

“I feel like with past bad luck experiences in love for the both of us, this is set in and our luck has changed.”

In the space of four months, Amy had gone from Little Miss ‘no one out there for me’ to meeting a country loving gent who she admits ‘ticks a lot of her boxes’.

Such is the power of a shared passion.